Understanding your teaching timetable

How to understand and use your teaching timetable.

Timetable publication

Your timetable will be available to you in MYUWE (login required) after the publication date and once you have started the registration process for your course. It can take up to three working days after your started the registration process for your timetable to show in MYUWE.

View more information on how to register

If you see an error message

When trying to access your timetable, you may get a message saying ‘your timetable is not available’. If that is the case, make sure the timetable for your course has been published by checking the timetable publication dates. After timetables have been published for all students, you will be able to see your personal timetable once you have started the registration process.

If you see a blank timetable

By default, your timetable will display the current week. If there is no teaching scheduled in this week, your timetable will appear empty. Try changing the week using the arrow buttons.

Staff guidance

If you are a member of staff, please see our guidance on the Timetable tab.

Understand your teaching timetable

Your timetable is available via MYUWE, under the Timetable tab.

In your timetable you will see:

  • Module code and module name (list view only): For example UBGML5-30-3 – Renewable Energy.
  • Type of session: Examples include lecture, seminar or workshop.
  • Delivery mode: Online, on campus, pre-recorded. Please note that pre-recorded sessions are displayed on your timetable to indicate that pre-recorded materials will be made available to you from that day/time; however, you do not need to access this material at the time specified on your timetable.
  • Week number: This indicates the week(s) the session will take place. 
  • Session titles: Some taught sessions have a specific title which will show on your timetable.

Access online taught sessions

Links to online sessions are available on Blackboard (login required).

Request a timetable change

If you are an eligible student at level 2, 3 or on a Master's programme, you can request a change to your timetable via the Online Module Choice system (login required) between Wednesday 6 September 2023 and Monday 9 October 2023 at midnight.

If you’re a level 1 or Foundation student, you will not be able to make changes to your timetable.

New modules not on Blackboard

If you've changed your optional modules it can take up to three working days for them to show on Blackboard.

Module retakes on your timetable

Student Support Advisers will be pre-selecting modules for students who have to retake one or more modules. While this is taking place, your timetable will only show the modules for the current academic year.

If you are still encountering problems with your timetable, please contact us via our self-help form (InfoHub login required).


For further information about MyEngagement and how to record your attendance at timetabled sessions, please visit the MyAttendance page.

iCalendar feed

You can export your personal timetable via an iCalendar feed to your email calendar such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. For information on the iCalendar feed for UWE Bristol timetables, please see our iCalendar guidance.

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