Information on registration for new, returning and international students.

Whether you’re a new or returning student, you will need to complete student registration at the start of each academic year. You will receive an email from the University inviting you to register online. You must register with the University so that you can:

  • confirm your details
  • agree to UWE Bristol's Terms and Conditions
  • arrange to pay your fees
  • access the online learning platforms
  • access your timetable (it takes three working days for your timetable to be visible in MYUWE)
  • receive your student loan (if applicable)
  • collect your student ID card upon arrival.

Registration help

If you need help with registration, you can access help in the way that suits you:

Our self-help forms are designed to help you through an issue, giving you information along the way and passing unresolved queries straight to the correct school.


Welcome hub

The Welcome Hub is now closed. Information regarding opening times for September 2024 will be published in August.

Welcome events

All first year students are invited to join us at our vibrant, in-person welcome and registration events.

View all welcome events

ID card collection

You don’t need an appointment to collect your ID card. Please collect your ID card from the campus where you study.

Please allow at least two working days after uploading your photo in MYUWE before going to collect your ID card.

How to register

  1. Step 1

    As an applicant, you were able to access the Welcome Portal. Now that you are a UWE Bristol student, you have access to different systems. Your welcome ID number becomes your UWE Bristol student number. You will have a new user ID and password to access these systems.

    Once you have satisfied all admissions requirements, we'll send you your UWE email address and username to the email address that we've been using to communicate with you. Please check your junk email folder in the email address you used for this, and please contact if you experience further issues. This can take at least five working days to arrive.

    When you receive your username, follow the instructions that come with it to generate your initial password. This will be a temporary password and you will need to change it once you have completed the registration process.

    Please follow the instructions that come with your temporary password to continue activating your account and complete online registration in MYUWE (as described in step 2).

    Once you are registered, we’ll send all future communications to your UWE email address (you can find it in MYUWE). Make sure that you check it regularly.

  2. Step 2

    Once your account has been activated, you’ll be able to register online:

    • Log into MYUWE with your email address and password and follow the 'Go to online registration' link.
    • In the new window, click into the 'Registration' tab in MYUWE.

    Guidance on how to register online and confirm your personal details is available in MYUWE.

    Registration will involve confirming personal details, agreeing to the UWE Bristol Terms and Conditions and arranging fee payment.

Registration video: step by step

A step by step guide detailing how to register for your course via MYUWE (login required), along with the different payment options available.

New, returning and international students

New student smiling and looking slightly nervous.

New students

Find out everything you need to know about registering as a new student at UWE Bristol including applying for your Student ID card and receiving your timetable.

Group of students sitting together and chatting in Stoke Park Estate.

Returning students

You need to complete student registration at the start of each academic year. Find out more about replacing a lost Student ID card, returning to study after time out and transferring courses.

Student at the airport looking up at the departure board.

International students

Find out more about registering as an international student at UWE Bristol, including passport and visa checking, fees and funding and getting support through our welcome hub.

Issues preventing registration

Please take a look at some of the potential issues that might prevent you from registering.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

For programmes that have an entry requirement for Occupational Health and/or DBS, you will not be able to register until this has been completed and is clear. Please contact Admissions about setting up DBS checks. This is a requirement and essential for entry.


The registration self-help form (InfoHub login required) can be used for enquiries relating to fee payment, including issues such as:

  • if you're getting the message that your fees cannot be calculated, you can stop at this point. You should then be fully registered but will require fee payment to be set up, you can do this by completing the Fees self-help form 2022/23 on InfoHub. If you stop at this point, you will still be allowed to access the UWE systems.
  • if you believe that your fees are incorrect on MYUWE when you try to register.
  • If you have an outstanding debt for tuition fees from the previous academic year. If this is the case, please contact Credit Control.  You will not be able to register until this is cleared.

Mode of attendance noted as sandwich course

If you’re going on or returning from a sandwich placement, Registration in MYUWE will be available to you before the start of term, depending on whether you’re awaiting the results of any re-assessments.

If you’re going on or returning from a sandwich placement, the ‘Registration’ tab in MYUWE will be available to you before the start of term, depending on whether you’re awaiting the results of any re-assessments. It’s crucial that you register for your sandwich placement year and make arrangements to pay any fees so you can get student finance funding. Failure to register will also affect your access to UWE Bristol systems.

Unable to access login details

Check your junk email folder box in the email address you used for your university application or contact or call +44 (0)117 32 85678.

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