Student payments

The University's approved methods of payment are detailed below. Any payments received by any other means will not be accepted and therefore returned.

Payments should always be paid to the University by the student or parent/guardian. We do not accept payments from:

  • bank transfers directly into the UWE Bristol bank account (payments to be made via Flywire – this does not affect Direct Debit agreements)
  • cash – the University is cashless campus (with the exception of The Students’ Union)
  • third party payments (unless from an approved sponsor, you may be contacted by our Finance Compliance Team if you proceed to make a third-party payment).

For any other payment queries, please use the Income Operations self-help form in the first instance.

Tuition fees

Before proceeding, please review the UWE Bristol tuition fee policy and Money Matters Guide (PDF).

Income office are not responsible for the calculation of fees, incorrect fee amount and student finance loans. If your fees are incorrect, please complete the fees self-help form, which will be directed to your Student Administration Team.

International deposits

If you are not yet a student and need to pay an international deposit, visit the international student payment page for full instructions.


Find more information about paying for UWE Bristol accommodation.

The Income Office are not responsible for the calculation of your rent. If you believe your charges are incorrect, please email accommodation team at or telephone +44 (0)117 32 83601.

Pay by instalments – tuition fees and accommodation

Pay by Direct Debit (UWE Bristol preferred option). Paying by direct debit allows the University to collect directly from a UK bank account. Instalment amounts will be emailed once set-up by the Income Office, payments will be collected automatically.

Recurring card payment – Paying by recurring card payment allows the University to collect directly from a credit/debit card. Instalment amounts will be emailed once set-up by the Income Office, payments will be collected automatically.

Update your card details – If you have a card payment plan for tuition and accommodation payments, you can update your card details by following this link.

If you have a direct debit agreement or recurring card payment set up with us, please direct enquiries to

Contact us

Income Operations

Credit control

If you are unable to pay for your fees, have an outstanding balance or due a refund, email Credit Control Team at, or telephone +44 (0)117 32 87888 (open during office hours), choosing option two.

Compliance with data security

UWE Bristol is fully committed to complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and as such, individuals can be assured that their cardholder data is processed and handled in a secure manner.

Fraud warning

Students are being approached by individuals offering to pay their fees at reduced rates or under special conditions. Fraudsters may present themselves as legitimate agencies or associates, they may be a friend. Never respond to these offers and always pay your tuition fees direct to UWE Bristol using the authorised payment methods below.

For more information view these leaflets produced by the police in English and Mandarin. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud or have any questions contact Students experiencing difficulty making payment should contact credit control at

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