Registering in MYUWE

To register, follow the 'online registration' link in MYUWE Home.


Registration is only available to eligible students during the registration period.

Online registration has two stages:

After each stage, we will send you a confirmation email. We will send this to your UWE Bristol email address and personal email address if you have added one.

HESA questions

When you register, we may ask you for information required by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). This helps us address discrepancies in the take-up of higher education opportunities between different social groups.

We have to record information about your parents' education. By parents, we mean the people who raised you. This includes adoptive parents, step-parents or guardians.

We will only ask this question once, when you start at UWE Bristol.

Module failure or referral

If you failed a module in the last year or a previous year, you can still continue with online registration. However, you must check what failure or referral means for you.

You may need to go to a referral session so your College can help you with your programme of study for next year. You must attend this session to make sure you can continue studying. If you miss a session, it could stop you accessing Blackboard and your timetable.

Find more information on our Resits and retake information web page.

I can't register

You will be contacted by UWE Bristol when it is time for you to register. New students will be able to register online once your admission has been confirmed.

If you believe you should be able to register and you can't, contact us.

You may be blocked from registering online. The most common issues are:

Required Data Missing

This error will appear if we are missing data about you. All UK universities have a legal duty to collect and return information about our students. We also collect information to help us support you during your studies. The data is used and stored under the UWE Bristol Terms and Conditions. Our Student Privacy Notice explains how we use your data.

We may be missing one of the following:

  • Ethnicity or ethnic background
  • Religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability status
  • Emergency contacts
  • Personal email address


Add the missing information in My info in MYUWE. Return to online registration once it has been updated.

Outstanding Debt

This error will appear if our records show that you have an outstanding debt. You can't register until the debt has been paid. 

You can see the details of this debt in 'My fees and payments' in MYUWE.


You must pay the debt before you can register. You have until the latest registration deadline to do this. You can find more information on our Ways to pay web page.

Once the debt has been paid, you can continue with online registration. If payment is made by another method, it may be longer before you can register.

If you do not pay your outstanding debt and do not register, you will no longer be a student of the university.

If you have a question about the debt, contact the Credit Control team at

Invalid Registration

You can't proceed with registration.


You should contact us so that we can investigate the issue.

DBS and other admissions checks

You can't register because there is an issue with your admissions checks.


Some of our courses need checks such as DBS or occupational health checks.

If you are studying a course that needs checks and you see this error, you should contact our Admissions team.

If your course that doesn't need checks and you see this error, there is a problem with your student record. This needs to be fixed before you can register by contacting us.

Other issues

If you can't register, but your issue isn't on this page, please contact us.

Stage 1: Registration form

Section 1: Course Details

The first section on the registration form shows your course details.

If your course details are correct, check the 'I confirm that the above Course Details are correct' checkbox. If your course details are not correct, contact us.

Course name

This shows the course you are registering for. If you have had a transfer approved and it isn't showing, your record will update automatically. You should continue with registration.

Study mode

This shows your mode of attendance on your course.

This may show 'sandwich' even when you are studying full-time. This is because all students on your course are registered as 'sandwich' in first and second year. If you decide not to do a placement in your third year, we will move you to the full-time course. 

If you are a final year student and this shows 'sandwich' when it should show 'full-time', contact us.

Section 2A: Personal Details

This section contains your personal details.

If your personal details are correct, check the 'I confirm that the above Personal Details are correct' checkbox.

Email addresses

After each stage, we will send you a confirmation email. We will send this to your UWE Bristol email address and personal email address if you have added one.

Change your personal details

If your preferred first name, title, personal email or mobile number are wrong, you can change them in MYUWE. You can return to the registration form once you have updated these.

If anything else is wrong, contact us.

Section 2B: Other Personal Details

This section contains information about your ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, transgender status, disability, Disabled Students' Allowance, and nationality.

Change your personal details

If the details in this section are wrong, you can change most of them in MYUWE. You cannot change the Nationality or Disability Allowance fields. To change these, contact us.

Disability or health condition

You can select more than one disability or health condition if more than one applies to you. If you have selected a disability or health condition, email your medical evidence to We can then offer you reasonable adjustments and further advice. More information can be found on our Get help if you are disabled web page.

Your information is used and stored under our Terms and Conditions and section 10 of the Data Protection Policy.

Section 2C: Emergency contacts

In an emergency, for example if you’re seriously ill or in an accident, we may reach out to your emergency contacts. This helps us reduce risks and provide you with support. This is normally with your permission.

You must give at least one emergency contact. You can add or change your emergency contacts in MYUWE.

Section 3: Address Details

We need your:

  • Home address: your permanent address in your home country.
  • Term address: where you are living while studying at UWE Bristol. If you are moving into UWE Bristol accommodation, your term address will be added automatically.

If your home and term address are the same, check the box.

If your addresses are correct, check the checkbox.

Change your addresses

If your addresses are incorrect, you can change them in MYUWE.

If the address you want to register is overseas, or is not recognised by this system, contact us.

Section 4: Terms and Conditions

This section contains legal information and conditions about registration and sharing your information with UWE Bristol.

Confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, then submit the registration form.

Stage 2: Paying your tuition fees


You will be fully registered once you have completed the registration form (stage 1) if you are:

  • a student fully funded by Student Finance (SLC) and we have received details of the funding
  • a student fully funded by the NHS
  • an international student who has paid all tuition fees before registration
  • a Degree Apprenticeship student.

All other students must pay their fees. You can do this by paying your tuition fees when you register or you can leave registration and return later. If you leave online registration at this stage and return later, you will be shown the Payment Required page. To get back to the Fees page, select the ‘Calculate Fees’ button.

The Fees page shows the amount you owe towards your tuition fees, including:

  • any funding from Student Finance
  • any scholarships and discounts
  • any payments you have already made

If you agree with the amount and want to pay, select the ‘Pay Online’ button to go to web payments. This is a secure site where you can check details, enter your payment information and confirm payment.

Once your fees have been paid, you will be redirected to MYUWE. There can be a delay in confirmation after you pay.

If you do not agree with the amount to pay, contact us

Already paid

If you have already paid your fees and are awaiting confirmation, select the ‘Check Status’ button on the Payment Required page to check whether your record has been updated. If you have paid your fees using an alternative payment method, it may take a few weeks before your registration record is updated.

Student Finance funding

If you are fully funded by Student Finance and we have received details of that funding, or if you are fully funded by the NHS, there is no need for you to make any payment in online registration.

You should see your Student Support Number at the top. Check that this is correct. If your Student Support Number is 'Not known', this means that we haven’t received details from Student Finance yet. If we have not yet received details of your funding, come back later. We receive daily updates from Student Finance.

If you're still waiting to hear about your funding from Student Finance, see our Delayed funding guidance for help.

If you think the amount of funding shown is wrong, contact Student Finance:

If you have applied for tuition fee support from Student Finance, you must keep a copy of your written notification of funding.

Paying fees outside online registration

If we're not able to calculate your fees in online registration, you'll be sent an invoice that will tell you how much you have to pay and the payment methods available to you. See our guidance on other ways to pay.

Calculating fees

Your fees can be calculated in online registration if you satisfy the following criteria:

You are an undergraduate student or studying for a PGCE and you are:

  • studying a full-time or sandwich programme of study
  • studying for a UWE Bristol programme based at one of these sites:
    • Arnolfini
    • Bower Ashton
    • Bridgwater and Taunton College
    • Bristol City Robins Foundation
    • Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
    • Bristol Zoological Society
    • City of Bristol College
    • Frenchay Campus
    • Glenside Campus
    • Gloucester College
    • Mulberry Bush Organisation
    • NHS Blood and Transplant
    • University of Bristol
    • Weston College

Degree apprenticeship students

If you're a degree apprenticeship student, you don't need to complete the fee section of online registration. We will do this for you.

Part-time students

If you're a part-time student, and your course fees are calculated from the number of modules you are taking, we will invoice you when your record has been updated.

Fees for partner institutions

If you're attending one of our international partner colleges, you can find more details on fees here. If you need help with registration, contact

Fees errors and solutions

Fees cannot be calculated

This means that the system should be able to calculate your fees but is unable to. Your registration record has not been updated.

For help, contact us.

Not eligible to pay fees in online registration

Students who are sponsored

  • If some or all of your fees are being paid by an employer or other sponsor, your sponsor must complete a Sponsor Form.
  • If you are an international student and some or all of your fees are being paid by your embassy or government, you must submit your financial guarantee letter to UWE Bristol at We will then complete the fee part of your registration.
  • If you receive any other sponsorship, your sponsor must complete a Sponsor Form.

Part-time students

If you are a part-time student, and your course fees are calculated from the number of modules you are taking, we will invoice you when your record has been updated.

Paid amount differs from calculated amount

The amount you paid differs from the amount we expected you to pay, and your record has not been updated.

For help, contact us.

You do not agree with the amount to pay

If you do not agree with the amount to pay, contact us.

You may disagree with the amount to pay because we haven’t received notification of your support from Student Finance (SLC). We receive daily updates, so return later to check if it has updated.

If you have information from Student Finance that shows a different amount from the amount shown in online registration, contact Student Finance directly:

Next steps

Student ID card

If you are a new student, you must apply for a student ID card.

To apply for your student ID Card, you must upload a photo in MYUWE.

Getting started with IT

Once you are fully registered, you can get started with UWE Bristol IT.

Registration and student record contacts

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students

Research degree students

International partner college students

Continuing Professional Development students

Arts, Technology and Environment
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81043 (option 1, then option 3)

Business and Law
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81043 (option 1, then option 2)

Health, Science and Society
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81043 (option 1, then option 1)

Professional Development
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81158