What is MyAttendance and why do we use it

The MyAttendance system will ensure that students have a means to provide evidence of their attendance. By rolling this out across the whole University, all UWE Bristol students are being given access to the same data.

From September 2020, all UWE Bristol students for all timetabled sessions will be expected to use MyAttendance to record teaching and learning events.

Campus teaching events may include lab, studio or workshop events as well as off-campus also such as field trips.

We recommend that you download the app as it's the easiest, most convenient way to record your attendance but MyAttendance is also available online.

Supporting your wellbeing

MyAttendance will provide helpful information which will be used to support your wellbeing whilst you are studying with us. The attendance information will be added to MyEngagement. This will provide a fuller picture of your engagement with your course and will allow us to offer support, if needed, in a confidential and timely manner.

We understand that different people engage in different ways which is why we are adding attendance information in to MyEngagement alongside other UWE Bristol resources too; like how often you use the Library or Blackboard.

The Students' Union at UWE have been part of the project since the beginning to represent and involve our students. Student wellbeing is a primary concern for the SU and they have been consulting with us to ensure that this remains a priority for the project.

Your privacy

The University is only gathering attendance information for the academic events that you are timetabled to attend. Your location and attendance at non-academic events around campus won't be recorded through MyAttendance.

Installing the app

Download the UWE Bristol MyAttendance app via the Google Play or Apple stores.

Please ensure that your location services are enabled as a snapshot of your current location will be taken when you record your attendance through the app. This is extra verification of your attendance. The app will not be recording your GPS location at other time, only at the second you check-in to your class.

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

App log in

  1. Once the app has downloaded, open and select the Student/Staff profile from the options listed:
    MyAttendence log in step 1
  2. Enter your UWE Bristol username and password:
    MyAttendence log in username and password
  3. This will load the UWE Bristol MyAttendance homepage.
  4. The homepage has two tiles. One has your timetable and the other tile enables you to check in to teaching events. This is how you will record your attendance:

    Timetable and teaching icons in MyAttendence app


Use the timetable icon to view your timetable:

You can view your timetable for the whole year by scrolling across the weeks.

Clicking on specific events will give you the option to email the lecturer or add the event to your phone calendar.

Your timetable will check for the most up-to-date information whenever it is connected to the internet or when you pull down on the weekly view to refresh:

The bottom of the screen will tell you when it was last updated.

If you discover that the timetable in MyAttendance isn't correct, please report this to an Information Point either in person, over the phone or by email.

Information Points

Check in

  1. To record your attendance at a teaching event you will need to tap on the tick box tile:

    You will only be able to enter the six-digit code during the teaching session
    ; you will not be able to enter it at any other time. This means, for example, that if your timetable states that your lecture will start at 9:00 and finish at 10:00, you will only be able to enter the six-digit code from 9:00 until 10:00, after 10:00 the check-in function will be closed.
  2. Tap on the check-in box to enter the six-digit code (which will be provided by your lecturer):
  3. Once you have entered the correct code the submit box will go bright green and you can tap on it to confirm your attendance:
  4. You will know your attendance has been recorded when the tick image is displayed:
  5. At the very moment you tap the submit box, the app will take a snapshot of your GPS location. This is to verify that you are in the teaching room. The app won’t record your GPS location at any other time.

Further information

  • There is no need to check out. The check-in will automatically close at the time the timetabled session is due to end.
  • You will only be able to enter the six-digit code for teaching events that are on your timetable. If you attend an event not on your timetable then your attendance will not be recorded.
  • If you are not able to attend a timetabled session, then you will show as having been absent for that session.
  • MyAttendance will not be used to record your attendance at exams.


You may receive notifications from the app to remind you that a timetabled session is due to start soon.

Access problems

If you can't access the internet

If you don't have access to the internet you will still be able to enter the six-digit code in to the MyAttendance app. The app will then save this information and update your attendance record when it is next able to connect to the internet.

If you can't access the app

You can also check-in via MyAttendance online: myattendance.uwe.ac.uk.

If you are not able to log in via myattendance.uwe.ac.uk and there is no way for you to enter the code yourself, then you may request a manual check-in from your lecturer during the teaching session.

Please be aware that your lecturer will only be able to manually check you in within the timeframe of the scheduled teaching event. For example, if your timetable states that your lecture will start at 9:00 and finish at 10:00, your lecturer will only be able to manually check you in within this hour. They will not be able to do so before 9:00 or after 10:00.

Further assistance

If you need further assistance please contact an Information Point either in person, over the phone or by email.

Information Points