Software at UWE Bristol

Most of the software you'll be using during your studies can be accessed easily via AppsAnywhere, on student PCs and your own devices.

Some software is a bit more complex, so for a better experience they are locally installed and available via student PCs.

Browse software A-Z or by group to see where and how to access what you're looking for.

Browse software

Software A-Z

Browse software A-Z to discover the planned version, what groups they are part of and where you can access it.

Software by group

Browse software by group to discover the planned version and where you can access it.

Access to software

Software via AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere is an app store-style platform that gives you access to the software you need for your studies.

Available on all campus computers and any Windows PC on or off-campus.

AppsAnywhere does not currently support Chromebooks, Windows 10 and Windows 11 in S mode, mobile or tablet devices.

Find out more about AppsAnywhere.

Pulse Secure VPN

Some software is only licenced for use on campus computers and won't be available until you have a Pulse Secure VPN connection, which you will need each time you access that software.

Anti-virus software

It is strongly recommended that you have an anti-virus software package installed, regardless of the operating system you are running on your computer.

Mobile devices normally include built-in protection.

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