About us

The digital information age is here. Its impact is global. Its influence on business, education and society is fundamental.

The Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies covers a range of diverse subject areas all with one thing in common - the use of IT to solve problems and to enrich society.

Our work combines the rigours of IT with a deep understanding of the impact of digital technology and engagement with the challenges and opportunities it presents. Our work focuses on user-centred approaches to IT and technology - ensuring that technology meets the needs of those for whom it is intended.

We conduct world class research in unconventional computing, large scale distributed systems, data processing and management and embedded systems. Much of our research is conducted in collaboration with industry and academia, including CERN.

We offer a diverse range of degree programmes, short courses, professional development opportunities, consultancy and international partnerships to meet the needs of both society and business today.

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Our research and partnerships

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Our extensive programme of research and consultancy combines academic excellence and policy relevance, for which it has a well-established national and international reputation.

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We work with some of the top employers in the industry to keep our courses relevant and bring real world insights into your teaching.


The Foundry

The Foundry hosts a high-profile calendar of technology outreach and engagement events across cyber security, computer science, creative technologies and STEM subjects designed to widen participation around coding and digital skills.

The Foundry

Providing talent for your business

Student consultancy projects offer local organisations free consultancy in exchange for hosting a student or group of students.

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