Community Action and Knowledge Exchange in the School of Computing and Creative Technologies.

The School of Computing and Creative Technologies (formerly known as the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies) is committed to knowledge exchange with the community, voluntary and social enterprise sectors.

Community Action and Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) contributes to knowledge exchange through community engagement.

The overall aim is for students to make a difference in community settings whilst enhancing their knowledge and skills through meaningful, relevant community action.

Student Consultancy - Community Action and Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) scheme

A successful and long-established scheme offering free IT consultancy to local organisations through final year student group projects. Students learn by doing as part of their curriculum in IT Management for Business. Find out more and apply to host a project.

Computer Science and Creative Technologies (CSCT) volunteering

Students carry out volunteering projects across a wide range of topics outside their formal curriculum, but linked to their degree studies. Find out more about opportunities.

More about CAKE

This video presents an academic, client and student documentary about the scheme from the viewpoint of selected tutors, clients and students.

"The team’s work was of a high quality… they appreciated that we are a very small team with limited funding. The user guide for SharePoint is a fixture on our desk and we checked something in it only today!"

Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Bristol Green Capital Partnership

"The team very much took into consideration the needs of Babbasa in the future and going forward rather than what is needed immediately… the team delivered an excellent and comprehensive piece of work."

Babbasa social enterprise

Babbasa social enterprise

"I asked the team to 'leave a legacy' with OTR and create not only a website that served a function but a system and set of processes that future-proofed their work. They absolutely achieved this… [they] invested totally in our charitable aims, gaining a strong understanding of our work and the reason we do what we do."

Off the Record Bristol

Off the Record Bristol

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