Student consultancy projects

Student consultancy projects offer local organisations free consultancy in exchange for hosting a student or group of students allowing them to take a step toward gaining management and/or leadership roles.

Student consultancy project areas


Our talented students will enable you to receive fresh insight and recommendations on strategic business issues, helping you to achieve your objectives.

Read more about our Business Consultancy Projects.

Computing and creative technologies

The 'Community Action and Knowledge Exchange' (CAKE) project offers a consultancy service spread over about five months, provided by a team of around five students involved in the application of ICT in organisations.

Read more about the CAKE student consultancy project.

The 'Design Enterprise Studio' (DES) project offers a consultancy service in the field of digital design and development, provided by a small team of students in the Creative Technologies area.

Read more about the DES student consultancy project.

Architecture and environment

Benefit from a free placement to implement a Building Information Modelling (BIM) case study of your choice in your company.

Read more about the BIM student consultancy project.

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