Audio and Music Technology facilities

Dedicated music studios, digital resources and industry standard equipment.

What's waiting for you?

Dedicated music facilities

  • Acoustic isolation chamber.
  • Dedicated music studios and post-production suites with stereo and surround capabilities.
  • Mobile recording vehicle.
  • Two dedicated lecture theatres with high-end audio.

Industry-standard equipment

Our technical equipment matches your creativity and talent – play, explore, and create breathtaking soundscapes with kit including:

  • Microphones - Neumann, AKG, Shure, Soundfield (SPS422B)
  • Multichannel Interfaces - MOTU, M-Audio, Lexicon, Audient
  • Multitrack and Handheld Recorders - TASCAM, Zoom.

Digital resources to develop creativity

  • Mac Labs - iMacs, up-to-date programming and production software, and new audio equipment (Novation Impulse 49).
  • Software - including Adobe Creative Collection, Tama Superstar Hyperdrive, Logic Pro X, Waves Gold Bundle,  CLA Classic Compressors Bundle and Sibelius 8 Music Notation software.
  • Digital creative suites - access industry-standard video and editing facilities, sound recording facilities, and all the latest design, animation and illustration packages.
  • Ambisonic Microphones (Soundfield SPS200; Sennheisser Ambeo)
  • East West Sample Library
  • Avid Artist Mix Control Surface
  • Allen and Heath and Soundcraft Location Mixers
  • FMOD + Unity 3D
  • iZotope RX
  • Reaper
  • ROLI Seaboard Rise 49
  • Soundman Dummy Head and Roland Binaural Earphones

Good to know: workshops with specialist technicians are available to help you make the most of all the fantastic kit.

A Centre for Music for everyone

The Centre of Music is a great resource for musicians, music production, beat-making and DJing.

  • Play in groups and take music lessons.
  • Book rehearsal rooms and practice rooms.   
  • Be part of a community of passionate musicians and meet new collaborators.

Library and online resources

Our well-equipped Frenchay Campus library has a variety of resources to enhance your learning. You can also access journals, e-books and work books online.