To help you get settled into university-level education, we’ve developed Block Zero –activities for you to get to know your teaching team and your coursemates. In Block Zero you’ll practice collaborative, online skills together. Then when your course teaching starts, you’ll be ready to go.

For most of you, Block Zero will be delivered completely online, so you can be confident that if there are any changes to government guidance, you can still engage with your course.

How Block Zero works

Your timetable for Block Zero will have a few things on it. Finding where you need to be shouldn’t be a problem. You will be able to find out what you need to do on your course's Blackboard page – just log onto Blackboard and click on the name of your course to get there.

  • Prep work/Self-directed study: This is an opportunity for you to engage in some self-directed learning that will teach you a bit about the University and a bit about yourself. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to read through it. It will help set the stage for your programme session.

    You’ll find the prep work/self-directed study below. You don’t need to do it all at once, but set some time aside before your programme session to go through it.
  • Programme session: This will be delivered by your programme team, so tune in via Blackboard.

Inspire:Me Lecture Series

Inspirational speakers from across multiple disciplines. Speakers who are part of the UWE Bristol community, just like you – and went on to accomplish even more, just like you will. Find out more.

Block Zero events

We have a whole range of online events and workshops lined up from singing classes to wellbeing advice to honing your money and budgeting skills.

What is Block Zero?

Listen to UWE Bristol’s Vice-Chancellor, Steve West talk about what Block Zero is and how it will work. 

Using Microsoft Teams during Block Zero

Five key things to get you started using Microsoft Teams and three issues that might arise with potential solutions.