Five secrets to success

Are you looking for the secret to success at UWE Bristol? It's actually pretty simple, and it's within you. Often, the way we think determines how we feel. By understanding your own motivations and taking the time to be self-reflective, you'll be able to take ownership of your wellbeing. And being able to manage the stresses of everyday life will help you be successful not only during your studies, but also throughout your life.

We've brought together insight from our lecturers and support services that will help you develop the five skills you need to be in control of your wellbeing.

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Explore our secrets to success

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Discover your student self

Understand what type of student you want to be and the importance of setting realistic expectations of yourself.

Module one
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Engage with your course

Starting well is important because your journey to graduation is made up of thousands of small, daily steps. But you need to take the first step.

Module two
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Grow your confidence

Being successful at difficult things grows our confidence and gives us the belief that we can do things we once thought were impossible.

Module three
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Visualise your future

Vision gives us purpose and direction which give us a sense of moving forward each day. These daily achievements will mean you feel like you're reaching your goals.

Module four
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Connect with others

There's more to university than studying. By connecting with other students, staff and with the local communities, you form connections that can benefit your wellbeing.

Module five

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