Transferring university

What to do if you are thinking of transferring from UWE Bristol to another university or college.

What you need to do

  1. Step 1

    If you transfer to another university or college you will need to permanently withdraw from UWE Bristol.

    Before you make your final decision you should:

    • book an appointment with a Student Support Adviser to discuss your options
    • seek advice from the other university or college about their requirements and to ensure that there is a place available (you may need to reapply through UCAS)
    • if you're living in UWE Bristol accommodation, seek advice from Accommodation Services.
  2. Step 2

    If you have followed the above steps and decide that you wish to leave UWE Bristol, you will need to contact an Information Point to request a withdrawal form.

  3. Step 3

    Both UWE Bristol and your new university or college may expect payment of your tuition fees. Depending on when you leave UWE Bristol, the amount of fees we charge will vary (see the Tuition Fee Policy). It is important that you establish what the fee charge will be at your new university or college before you transfer.

    Your maintenance support may be affected if the academic year of the new course you are transferring to has a different duration (eg it runs for more years or fewer years than your UWE Bristol course would have done). Student Finance will recalculate your money based on the academic year dates of your new course.

    Your eligibility for future funding may be affected if your new course has a different number of years duration compared to your course at UWE Bristol.

    • You should tell Student Finance that you are transferring.
    • It is important to tell UWE Bristol that you are transferring, so that your funding can be left in for your new university or college.
    • You will need to ask your new university or college to submit transfer details to Student Finance, as that does not happen automatically.

Other students

Students at UK partner colleges

You should follow the above process if you are a student based at one of our UK partner colleges. You can also seek guidance from staff at your college.

Students on an ITE or PGCE Education course

If you wish to withdraw from an ITE or PGCE Education course, you will need to contact your Programme Leader in the first instance.

International students

If you are an international student, transferring will have implications for your immigration status. Please contact the Immigration and Student Visa Support Service if you would like to discuss any issues.

Implications of transferring

You may still be liable to pay some or all of your fees. Please read through the UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy for further information. If you need support, you could book a face-to-face or telephone appointment with a UWE Bristol Money Adviser. Alternatively, The Students' Union at UWE Advice Centre may also be able to provide information and advice.

If you have completed enough credits to be eligible for an interim award (for example, CertHE or DipHE), you can request it when you notify us of your withdrawal. Your eligibility for an award is shown in Your marks in MYUWE.

Transferring to a new university or college may affect how your final award is classified, so do check their academic regulations.

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