Exam guidance

Our guidance on what to expect in your exam.


When to get to the venue

You should arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time, and allow enough time for traffic. You can only park at the Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC) if you have a valid Frenchay Campus parking permit or valid disabled parking permit.

Arriving early gives you time to adjust to your surroundings, find out where your exam's taking place and listen to announcements. Remember to visit the toilet before going into your exam room as well!

Please go to the room specified on your exam timetable, as not all exams take place in the ECC. If you have any queries, there will be staff around to help.

Late arrival

You’ll be allowed to enter the exam room up to 30 minutes after the official exam start time. Once those 30 minutes have passed, you can't enter under any circumstances.

Illness before an exam

If you’re unable to attend an exam due to illness or injury, you must contact a Student Support Adviser as soon as possible. They’ll be able to explain all the options available to you.

If you have a serious infectious illness such as chickenpox or mumps, please don’t attend the University, even to sit an exam.



Exam information

Find out where to go and what to do on the day of your exam.

What to bring

Remember your student ID card

You must bring your UWE Bristol student ID card to every exam.

If your student ID card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the security office (1E20, Frenchay Campus) or call +44(0)117 32 82866. You can get a replacement card through the online store.

Items allowed during your exam

You're allowed to bring:

  • pens, pencils, rulers and erasers – but they must be stored in clear pencil cases or transparent bags
  • any other specific items required for the exam, such as a university-approved calculator (see below)
  • any approved material specified by the Module Leader
  • still drinks in a clear, unlabelled plastic bottle – with a closable top and without writing or logos
  • small amounts of food, as long as it’s not noisy or distracting.

Extra materials

Please check the permitted extra materials for your exam and bring them with you. The Exams Team don’t have any spare calculators, statutes, case studies or textbooks that you can borrow.

University-approved calculators

If your exam allows you to use a calculator, it must be a non-programmable one without an alpha numeric keyboard. You can't use the calculator on your mobile phone (which must be switched off).

Remember that you can’t borrow, lend or share calculators with anyone. If you forget your calculator you'll need to take the exam without one.

Coats and bags

  • Please leave any coats, bags and similar items in the areas indicated by the invigilators.
  • We advise you to keep belongings to a minimum and not to bring any valuables with you. UWE Bristol isn’t responsible for any items lost or stolen from examination venues.
  • Please dress comfortably, as temperatures in exam rooms can fluctuate. We recommend you wear layers which can be removed or added depending on the temperature.

Items not allowed

You can't bring any of the following (if you try, they'll be confiscated until the end of the exam):

  • noisy food or drinks
  • manuscripts or books (unless specified by your exam question paper)
  • music players or other electronic devices, including smart watches
  • personal computers
  • any other aids not specifically allowed by the question paper
  • non-clear pencil cases.

Mobile phones

  • You must switch off your mobile phone and disable any alarms.
  • You must leave your phone in your bag or, if you don’t have a bag, face down on your desk underneath your ID card.

Before you start

You'll need to wait outside the exam room until an invigilator tells you to enter and sit down. Once you enter, you’ll be under exam conditions until you've finished your exam and left the building. This means:

  • you must leave your bag where the invigilator tells you to
  • you can only bring authorised items to your desk
  • you can't communicate with other candidates
  • you can't leave the exam room unaccompanied
  • the invigilator will tell you when to start your exam
  • mobile phones and other electronic devices, like Apple watches, must be switched off and stored appropriately (as instructed by your invigilators)
  • you can't read the question paper or write anything until told to do so.

During the exam


The Exams Team provide a safe environment and ensure that exam conditions are observed. Please listen to the instructions they give you. If you have any queries you should raise your hand and an invigilator will come to you.

Invigilators can't interpret words or questions on the paper. If you think there is a genuine error on a paper, notify an invigilator as soon as you can.

Remember to dress comfortably. We advise wearing layers which can be added or removed according to the temperature.

How to fill in your answer book correctly

  • When instructed, please use block capitals to fill in your module title, module code, date and student number on you exam answer booklet. You can view the module title and module code on the first page of your exam question paper.
  • Complete and then detach the signature slip on the right-hand side of your exam answer booklet and place it at the front of your desk so that it can be collected by an invigilator.
  • Write your student number on each additional exam answer booklet.
  • Leave your UWE Bristol ID card or another of the approved forms of identification on your desk at all times.
  • All rough work must be done on the stationery provided. You aren't permitted to take any answer books or exam stationery from the room. All your answer books should be tagged together with the treasury tag provided.

How to complete a multiple-choice answer sheet

We use a multiple-choice answer sheet to record your answers in a multiple-choice exam. It’s scanned by a machine for marking, so it’s essential that you read and understand these instructions for completing your sheet:

  • Mark your answers with a firm horizontal line that completely covers the letter. The scanner won’t read faint markings.
  • Enter your name, module code, module title and the date in the boxes.
  • Enter your student number and mark the relevant boxes in the columns.
  • Each question should have only one response unless otherwise stated in the question.
  • To change an answer, fully erase the incorrect one and mark the new answer.
  • Don't doodle on or pierce the multiple choice answer sheet.

Cheating and disturbances

The University has an Assessment Offences Policy which it will use to investigate any allegations of cheating.

If you become aware of other students cheating in the exam room, please tell an invigilator.

If you cause a disturbance (such as through a mobile phone ringing), you'll be warned and asked to withdraw from the exam if the disturbance continues. If you're asked to withdraw, you won't be readmitted to your exam.

Leaving the room during your exam

You can't leave the room for any reason (even if you need to visit the toilet) in the first 30 or last 30 minutes of your exam. You can't leave at any time during a one-hour exam.

If you need to use the toilet, or leave the room, during your exam (after 30 minutes and before the last 30 minutes only) you’ll be escorted by an invigilator. You’ll be asked to empty your pockets and you may have to wait until an invigilator is free.

Illness during an exam

If you’re ill during an exam, please raise your hand and make yourself known to the Invigilator so that they can assist you. If you leave the exam and are unable to return, please contact a Student Support Adviser as soon as you can.

In case of emergency

If there's an emergency evacuation you must follow the invigilators’ instructions. They will tell you how to safely leave the building.

You remain subject to exam procedures during the evacuation and shouldn't discuss the exam.

You should follow the invigilators to the designated assembly area and follow their instructions on resumption of the exam.

After the exam

When you've finished

  • If you've completed your exam and wish to leave early (before the last 30 minutes) you must raise your hand and the invigilator will collect your script.
  • You must stop writing when instructed to do so at the end of an examination.
  • You must remain seated and silent until all scripts have been collected and counted and the Senior Invigilator has confirmed you may leave.
  • If you leave without an invigilator's permission, you’ll be deemed to have withdrawn from the exam and won't be allowed to re-enter the exam room.
  • You must hand in all rough work. You can only keep exam papers if indicated on the rubric.
  • Please don't disturb other candidates when leaving.
  • You won't be allowed to re-enter once you leave the exam room.

Find out your exam results

Your results will be available in myUWE after the results publication dates. If your exam takes place outside of the standard assessment period, your result will be released within four weeks of the exam.

Please note: You'll be given unconfirmed marks in myUWE as soon as they're available, but these unconfirmed marks are subject to moderation and may go up or down. We'll confirm your final mark on the official results publication date.

Contact us

If your question isn’t answered by any of the above, please complete our exam self-help form (InfoHub login required).