How to make a repairs request

How to get in touch if you need to request repairs to your student property or pest control.

Repairs request
Kitchen sink in student accommodation

Emergency repairs

Attend within four hours, make safe, repair if possible or appoint specialist contractors, including examples of:

  • serious flooding and leaks
  • loss of all water supplies
  • lift failure with persons trapped (attend within one hour)
  • complete unplanned loss of electricity
  • hazard affecting immediate safety of residents.

We aim to fix the problem within eight hours where possible.

Urgent repairs

Attend within eight hours, make safe, repair if possible where alternative services aren't available or appoint specialist contractors, within eight hours, including examples of:

  • no hot water
  • no heating
  • blocked WCs and drains
  • faulty door locks
  • defects with cooking, refrigeration and sanitary appliances (an alternative may be supplied as a short-term remedy).

Routine repairs

Investigate, make safe, repair if possible or appoint specialist contractors, within seven days, including examples of:

  • minor repairs to doors and windows
  • slow draining sinks, baths and basins
  • minor, 'slow' leaks
  • minor building, furniture and fitting repairs
  • non-emergency repairs to door frames
  • repairs to external areas such as footpaths.

Response times and standards of repairs are monitored by Accommodation Services. We encourage you to tell us if you are unhappy about any aspect of our maintenance service by telephone or email at the earliest possible time so that we can resolve any problems:

During the first few weeks of the academic year when we have a high number of repairs to be dealt with. Non-essential repairs may take longer than usual to be rectified.

Access for contractors

Access to the property by contractors will be required in order to complete routine maintenance or repair works. If you have reported an issue you should expect a contractor to visit within the priority timescale – you do not need to be present in the property. Accommodation Services will issue keys for access directly to the UWE Bristol Approved Contractor. A calling card will be left when a contractor enters your room/flat.

For planned maintenance, we will advise you in advance if access is required to your property or room. We aim to provide you with seven days notice, normally via your UWE Bristol email account, or a notice delivered to your property. Examples of planned maintenance include:

  • monthly access to your property to test the water tap temperatures (to guard against legionella)
  • access to your shower room every three months to replace the shower head
  • access to your room every three months to check the smoke sensor
  • access to vacant rooms within your property to flush water (to protect against legionella).

Contractors will carry identification which can always be requested. You must refuse access to any contractor that cannot provide this ID.

In an emergency for example flood, fire (or suspected fire), we will need to access your room without prior notification.

Gas and electrical safety

The University ensures that current certificate/documentation are held which provide evidence that:

  • all gas appliances/incoming supplies have been tested annually
  • all portable electrical appliances provided by the University have been tested annually
  • the wiring and electrical circuits in the property have been tested on a five-yearly basis.

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