Digital skills professional development

Explore our range of short courses in digital skills.

Computer Science

Develop and enhance your skills to use IT to solve problems and enrich society.

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Digital Skills – Workforce for the Future

Enhance the digital capabilities of your business through bespoke Digital Skills training courses for employees. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can register to receive free training for all staff in a range of digital areas.

Visit the Digital Skills - Workforce for the Future website to find out more.

Inclusive Digital Bootcamps

The digital bootcamps are 12 to 16 week courses to support individuals to develop medium-to-high level Digital Skills in Data Science and UX Design. These bootcamps will also support you to progress to higher level employment with mentoring support.

Visit the Skills for Futures website to find out more.

Contact Anna Feeney at for further information.

Skills Bootcamps

Our Skills Bootcamps will provide you with the necessary support and mentoring to help you gain or enhance your industry-specific skills.

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