Experiential placements (Nursing only)

Information and documentation for students, academics and mentors about Nursing experiential placements.

The purpose of the experiential placement is to introduce our year two students to the context of health and social care, from a different field of nursing that they are currently studying, for example an adult student nurse going into a child focused placement. This will be a two, two plus two, or four-week observational experiential placement.

Learning Outcomes of the Experiential placement:

  • To gain experience of a different field of Nursing Practice to the one being studied.
  • To reflect on the experiences, demonstrating how to practice within the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code.
  •  Work within ethical and legal frameworks and be able to articulate and comply with the underpinning values of The Code (NMC, 2018) and the Professional Values.

Providing details of an experiential placement

Use our online form to request the set-up of an experiential placement.