Research skills

Advice, tutorials and support to help you find and evaluate information from the Library and online.

Find books, articles and other information

Our online tutorial will guide you on how to find books, articles, and other information - on the library shelves and online - for your assignments and research.

Finding information for specific subjects

Subject-specific search

Learn how to search subject-specific databases for information that can not be found through Google or the library search.

Resources for your subject

Many of the Library's subject pages have online tutorials offering specialist advice on finding information for your subject.

Evaluate information

Evaluating information: Not everything you find will be useful. You need to evaluate the objectivity, accuracy, authority, relevance and timeliness of the information you've found.

(See also the critical thinking page for help with: interpreting information, questioning assumptions, evaluating evidence and comparing hypotheses.)

Online advice and tutorials

Systematic reviews

Our guide to carrying out a systematic review, including how they differ from literature reviews.

Systematic reviews

Online surveys

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is available to all students and staff at UWE Bristol. It allows users to quickly setup and share surveys, forms and quizzes for anonymous or identifiable (if they are logged into UWE Bristol) responses.

Submitted responses automatically populate an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and can work alongside other Microsoft tools used by the University.

More details can be found on Microsoft’s support pages.


While Microsoft Forms will be the best option for most surveys and polls, Qualtrics can be used by students and teaching staff for more complex data gathering.

If you still need to create surveys using Qualtrics, visit the website and enter your UWE Bristol login details.

To access Qualtrics support you can log in and close the welcome screen. Then you can:

  1. Select Help in the top right corner.
  2. Select Contact Support link to log a support query.
  3. Choose "Sign in with SSO", enter "uwe" for the Organisation ID, and log in at the UWE Bristol login page if prompted.

Further support

Other support

College study support

Study support specialists in your college can provide one-to-one support to help you develop your research skills.

Postgraduate researchers and research staff

Extra services and information for researchers from the Research Support Librarians: search for research methods, learn how to measure research impact, stay up-to-date with your subject and connect with other researchers.

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