Research support

Additional services and information for researchers at UWE Bristol.

Research Data Repository

All UWE Bristol researchers, who have produced research data associated with an existing or forthcoming publication, are invited to enter a description of their research data (metadata) in this Research Data Repository. 

Research Data Repository

Research Data Repository

Manage your research data

Find out about how to manage your research data including what to include in a data management plan and how to comply with funding body requirements.

Open-access publishing and article-processing charges (APCs)

Find out how to apply for funding for article-processing charges and how to meet funder requirements.

Get published and promote your research

How to get published, apply for an ISBN, and assess an author's productivity and impact.

Get an ORCiD

An ORCiD is a unique identifier that allows you to tie all your research together in one place. Find out how to get one and what benefits you can expect.

Connect with other researchers

Find professional and social media sites.

Stay up-to-date

Set up current awareness alerts to bring details of new articles or conference papers to your desktop.

Additional resources

Information about specialist print and electronic resources to support your research as well as contact details for your subject librarians.

Help and training

Contact us for more information on help available. Book a one-to-one appointment with a Research Librarian.