UWE Bristol Research Repository

Information and access to the Project Information and Management System (PIMS) and the UWE Bristol Research Repository.

Deposit and browse research outputs

Deposit your research outputs

Please allow up to two weeks for outputs to be reviewed.

Browse research outputs

For help and advice concerning the Research Repository, please email repository@uwe.ac.uk.
Alternatively call us on +44 (0)117 32 86438.

Known issues

  • Users must press the 'Send to the Library' button in order for their output to be deposited. Many outputs are staying at the 'in progress' stage of the upload process as users are not depositing them, resulting in those outputs not being reviewed and not being made discoverable on the Research Repository. The status of an output starts as 'in progress', changes to 'in review' once it has been sent to the library, and finally 'discoverable' once it has been reviewed and is publicly visible on the Research Repository.
  • We are aware of a number of postgraduate researchers who cannot access PIMS. There are issues arising due to a number of them having both Student and Staff login details, which aren't always reflected in PIMS. We suggest logging in to your device as either Staff or Student, then using that login to try and access PIMS using the University's single sign on service. If that account doesn't work, follow the same process with your other account. You can also use an incognito or private browser window to prompt manual login. If these fail, contact the Repository Team who will investigate further.
  • Staff profiles - publication lists on staff profiles display the ten most recently published outputs rather than a full list of publications for the staff member. This is due to the long loading times that were required to generate the publication list for staff with lots of publications. A link to a staff member's full list of publications on the UWE Bristol Research Repository is available at the top of the publication list.

Copyright advice

Establish who owns the copyright before adding items to the UWE Bristol Research Repository.

More information on repositories and open research

Includes general repository FAQs, repository policies and open research glossary

Contact and Training

Training sessions about using PIMS and the UWE Bristol Research Repository.