Critical thinking and writing

At university you will need to think critically about the information you have found – questioning assumptions, evaluating evidence and comparing hypotheses.

Advice and tutorials

  • What is critical thinking?: Introduction to critical thinking and how you can apply critical thinking throughout your learning (source: Skills for Study website).
  • How to write critically: Critical writing, thinking and reading? Find out how to build an argument and put your thoughts into writing.
  • Critical reading and writing: How to recognise an argument, evaluate a line of reasoning and distinguish between different types of conclusion (source: Skills for Study website).
  • Evaluating evidence: Evaluate evidence put forward by other writers: how to assess the sources of information, the language used, the numerical data and the conclusions (source: Skills for Study website).
  • How to get started and improve your critical writing: Suggested further reading which will help you to develop your critical writing skills.

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Faculty study support

Many faculties may provide appointments, workshops or one-to-one sessions tailored to your subject.

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