Planning, writing and editing your work

  • How to put your reading into your writing: Summarise your research, identify themes in your reading and bring it all together in a structured paragraph.
  • How to plan and structure your writing: Analyse your assignment title, organise your thoughts and structure your paragraphs.
  • How to improve your work before submitting: tips, tools and areas to focus on to help you improve your work before you hand it in.
  • Assignment planner: Use this tool to create a personalised schedule for each of your written assignments.
  • Reflective writing: How reflective writing can help you with your learning, and methods to achieve this.
  • Report writing: Understand the techniques of report writing, an important academic and workplace skill. 
  • Technical report writing guide: Understand some of the conventions of technical report writing, such as formatting and the use of technical data and language.
  • Literature reviews workbook: An introduction to the process of writing a literature review that includes video guidance with perspectives from each faculty.
  • Academic writing: Introduction to the different types of academic writing and how to get started on a written assignment (source: Skills for Study website).
  • Planning your writing: How to plan your writing, group your information effectively, organise ideas and formulate a structure (source: Skills for Study website).
  • Developing your writing: Develop your writing through a process of drafting and editing; overcome writer's block; use paragraphs effectively; use an appropriate writing style (source: Skills for Study website).
  • Improving your writing: Take a positive attitude to study; find out what tutors expect from your work; evaluate your own work and your tutors' comments (source: Skills for Study website).
  • Writing for different subjects: Each subject may have its own stylistic conventions. Explore writing styles and some of the academic conventions you may be expected to observe (source: Skills for Study website).

Reading lists to help you develop your writing

We have curated reading lists of library books and external resources to help you to develop your writing skills.

Assistive software

Use Mindview software to organise, collate and structure ideas and research in a visual way. Available to all on the UWE Bristol network.

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