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Get feedback on your writing before you submit your work.

Study skills resources

Before thinking about getting feedback on your work, there are plenty of ways you can improve it yourself, by better understanding what makes good academic writing. Have a look at our information on writing and referencing and see our workbook on how to improve your work before submitting. If English is your second language you can get additional support.

However, you may still wish to get feedback on your work and UWE Bristol provides opportunities for this. You need to understand the risks if you are seeking to use a proofreading service and we encourage you to use the options which follow.

Studiosity Writing Feedback

UWE Bristol have partnered with Studiosity to offer a writing feedback service enabling you to get same-day feedback on a piece of writing you submit to their specialists, helping you to improve your writing skills.

Studiosity allows you to:

  • Upload a draft essay or written assignment (up to 4,000 words) and get it back the same day with tips and notes on how to make it better.
  • Submit your work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and receive feedback the same day.
  • Use the service up to 4 times each academic year.

You will receive feedback on the following areas of your writing: 

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • structure
  • language
  • use of sources.

The feedback is not subject-specific and will not give you direction on a particular subject.

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Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach is available in Microsoft Word through your UWE Microsoft Office 365 account and you can use it to check your work for correct grammar. Turnitin Draft Coach will also check your work for similarity with other work, helping you to avoid plagiarism, and identify when your citations are missing references or when your references are missing citations. The Turnitin help pages include help on  interpreting the Turnitin Draft Coach report.


One-to-one appointments

If you’ve tried our online help, workbooks, Studiosity or Turnitin Draft Coach, and you have questions, you can make an appointment to speak to a member of library staff for one-to-one support. During an appointment, library staff will be able to look at small sections of your work and coach you to apply study skills techniques.

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UWE Bristol does not provide a proofreading service. We do however offer support and advice to help you to improve your own work.

You can find paid for proofreading services outside of UWE Bristol but we suggest caution here. You need to be aware of the risks of committing an assessment offence where proofreading may overstep the boundary in how it improves your work. Some services offering to write for you are illegal. We encourage you to look at the support available to you through UWE Bristol which will help you avoid committing an assessment offence and will help you build your own skills for this and your future assignments.

Using previous feedback

When you submit assignments at UWE Bristol you will always get feedback from the marker. Although this feedback relates to a specific piece of work you will also find advice that you can apply to other assignments. We have guidance on making the most of the feedback you receive from your academic staff.

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