Team meet-ups

Learning how to work together online.

Team meet-ups have been developed to support you through working together using online technology for collaboration.

Not all courses are using the Team meet-ups – so please check on your course pages for the most up-to-date information on your Starting Block activities, to see the details from your own course.

Even if Team meet-ups aren’t part of your course, feel free to get a few of your friends together online - you can easily set up your own team on Microsoft Teams - and work through the activities. You’ll be surprised at how much they teach you about collaborating in online spaces – a key skill for both your studies and your career.

Please note: You may not have been allocated to a Team yet because of your registration status. Rest assured we’re working on it. If you’re not in a Team yet, it’s OK, these activities can be undertaken at any time once you get allocated to a Team.

Using Microsoft Teams

Guidance for using Microsoft Teams as a UWE Bristol student.

Introduction to meet-ups

Guidance for using Team meet-ups.

Online learning

Advice and guidance on how to make the most of studying online.

Online learning guide
A female sits at home working on her laptop