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Our research is all about changing people's lives for the better, locally and globally.

A-Z of case studies

View an A-Z of all our research with impact case studies.

3D printing of ceramics

3D printing of ceramics

UWE Bristol's innovative ceramic 3D printing material has helped ceramic tableware companies improve their industrial processes.


A germ that can speed up leukaemia treatment

Our researchers have harnessed the glow-in-the-dark properties of bacteria to help some leukaemia treatment sufferers.


Closing the net on overfishing

Research at UWE Bristol has been instrumental in establishing marine reserves, including the world’s largest.


Collaborative culture in construction

A team from UWE Bristol produced a ground-breaking toolkit to reduce costs and improve performance.

Community local news

Community local news

UWE Bristol research has informed the BBC and community groups in working together to widen the range of voices in local news.

Connecting people to places

Connecting people to places

UWE Bristol’s expertise in understanding travellers was central to the design for planning millions of journeys across the UK.

Green infrastructure

Delivering high quality green infrastructure

Research conducted by UWE Bristol is being used to develop a framework for high quality green infrastructure.

Eliminating malaria

Eliminating malaria through organisation development

The UWE Bristol Business School is delivering systems improvements in malaria zones to help eradicate the disease.

Mobile banking

Expanding mobile banking

Legal research at UWE Bristol has helped a telecoms business expand the availability of mobile banking in emerging markets.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology using 3D machine vision

State-of-the-art technology is being used to develop a tool to detect the different emotional states in pigs.


Flood resilient communities

UWE Bristol researchers co-work with communities and agencies to transform thinking on resilience to floods/extreme weather.

Improving people management

Helping managers improve operational performance

Research at UWE Bristol has highlighted the importance of front-line managers in their role as people managers, benefitting leading organisations.

Air quality research

Improving air quality

UWE Bristol research findings on the management of air quality have informed policy and guidance of governments worldwide.

Labour productivity

Improving labour productivity

Insights from research at UWE Bristol have informed ambitious policies that are fuelling regional economic growth.

Prosthetic legs

Improving the design of prosthetic legs

Helping to develop a more comfortable prosthetic socket for Paralympics hopeful Tania Goddard, part of Team GB.

Engagement with education

Improving young people's engagement with education

Research at UWE Bristol has stimulated new partnerships between universities, colleges and schools.

Minimum wage

Influencing the minimum wage

Research conducted by the Bristol Business School has been used to shape the setting of and compliance to the minimum wage.

Big data

Making big data work for you

UWE Bristol-designed CRISTAL software is giving scientists the power to understand and analyse more data than ever before.

Measuring solid objects

Measuring solid objects automatically

Innovative techniques developed at UWE Bristol for measuring the dimensions of difficult solid objects automatically are now being used commercially.

Mentoring scheme

Mentoring women in aerospace and aviation

Mentoring platform launched for women in aerospace and aviation to help reduce gender inequality in the industry.

Next generation flight design

Next generation flight design

'Onto REM' combines cutting edge requirements alongside project and business timelines, shaping the next generation of aircraft.

Pee Power

PEE POWER®: Africa school trial success

Harnessing the potential of microbial fuel cells, using urine as a biological energy source.

Pervasive media

Pervasive media

Bristol research has enabled companies to create innovative digital products for mobile devices.


Powering the future: microbial fuel cells

A team of UWE Bristol researchers have developed a cutting-edge fuel cell, which runs off waste products that no one wants.

Artists' books

Promoting awareness of artists' books

UWE Bristol research has significantly influenced understanding and appreciation of the artist’s book internationally.

Children's literature

Promoting children's literature

UWE Bristol research has had a major influence on the teaching, reading and writing of children’s literature, at home and abroad.


Public statistics, individual privacy

A team at UWE Bristol created statistics software used by the UK’s Office for National Statistics which protects anonymity when publishing public information.

Terraced housing in Bristol

Shaping sustainable suburbs

A research team at UWE Bristol have taken an in-depth look at the risks suburbs face, joining forces with residents to test ideas and create change.


What graduates do we need

Researchers from UWE Bristol collaborated to create a classification scheme to analyse graduate employment.

Biofilm model systems

Biofilm model systems

A system developed at UWE Bristol to measure the growth rate of microbes has been adopted by companies for healthcare products.

Careful talk saves lives

Careful talk saves lives

UWE Bristol research has led to improved teamwork between healthcare professionals during hospital emergencies.


Enabling expression in music with musical gloves

Creating music through movement with motion capture and AI enabled gloves.

Human trafficking policy

Changing policy on human tafficking

Research at UWE Bristol has influenced policy on human trafficking and improved the human rights of exploited migrants.

Supporting people with cleft lip

Cleft lip support

Care for people with cleft lip and palate now includes support from a professional psychologist thanks to UWE Bristol research.

Young people

Engaging young people in healthier living

Ground-breaking research at UWE Bristol has helped to dramatically improve their quality of life for young people.

Children's communication

Helping children with impaired communication skills

The findings from UWE Bristol research into children's communication have directly influenced major policy reports and have improved therapy practice.


Helping people with osteoarthritis

Research at UWE Bristol has developed a method, now adopted nationwide, to help people with osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Helping people with rheumatoid arthritis

Research at UWE Bristol has led to a process of measuring fatigue in people with rheumatoid arthritis which has been adopted internationally.

Sensing our health

Sensing our health

UWE Bristol researchers are developing cutting-edge technology called ‘magnetic-biosensors’ to accurately detect biological molecules.

Groups selfie shot

Tackling negative body image

Negative body image is a significant global health issue. UWE Bristol research has informed major industry and policy initiatives to tackle it.