What is Equity?

The Equity award-winning programme is aimed at providing personal and professional development opportunities for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students.

As a BAME student, the programme is designed for you to:

  • get more out of your university experience
  • build strong community and networks
  • gain access to work-based learning activities
  • celebrate success and talent
  • have a safe space that will support you to succeed at the University as well as prepare you for your professional life.

Equity student video

Opportunities for BAME students

Online welcome event

Come along to the Equity welcome event on 22 September to get an overview of the project, expectations and what the programme can offer you. There will also be a launch event on 22 October.

Watch our pre-induction video to get inspired by our Equity programme alumni.

Babbasa TV

Babbasa TV is an online channel for young people by young people. You will be able to sign up for sessions especially designed for the Equity Programme. Babbasa TV is all about giving you the chance to have your voice while hearing from some amazing professionals and leaders from around Bristol. Information will be available soon. Join the Babbasa Trailblazers every other Friday talking about the issues most important to you and making change happen.

Join the Core Equity Module (CEM)

We have an opportunity for 100 BAME students to join the Core Equity Module, which provides access to:

The core module follows the theory of possible selves, referred to as "Know me, know how, know where’. ‘What [people] might become, would they would like to become, and what they are afraid of becoming’ (Markus and Nurius 1986, p. 954)."

It will focus on an understanding of self, understanding of place and sense of belonging and development skills. This module is only available to UK domicile BAME students.

For further information email equity@uwe.ac.uk

Socials and career progression

  • Digital Equity socials: The student-led socials provide a relaxed space to meet with like-minded people sharing interests, activities and discussing different topics.
  • The University offers a range of work-based learning activities which you can opt into such as placements, study abroad, internships, and volunteering. These have a positive impact on your employability and graduate outcomes.

Equity mentoring

Mentoring provides you with career support from an industry professional. Equity mentoring is an innovative, positive-action talent programme.

More about mentoring
equity mentor

More about Equity

Why is Equity BAME-focussed?

Equity is a positive action programme that's all about providing additional support to help overcome disadvantage and barriers. In our most recent data from the 2018/19 academic year, the attainment gap between BAME students and white students is 17.0 percentage points, and the gap between black students and white students is 27.4 percentage points (please see the student compendium for more details). The Equity programme aims align with the University's Strategy 2030 to address BAME students’ attainment gap and increase their sense of belonging and identity within our university community.

Opportunities for all students

Opportunities include:

  • speaker programmes – inspirational keynote addresses from high-profile BAME speakers
  • faculty-led events – industry-specific sessions from professionals within the sector, so you can gain insight on how to succeed with your chosen career path and network.
  • signposting to opportunities and support, highlighting the wider support being offered by the University.

"It’s an opportunity to have an internal reflection about who you are, where you come from, and where you see yourself going. And having that discussion with people who have your better interests at heart. I hadn’t had that opportunity before."

Xavier Baker, UWE Bristol graduate

Xavier Baker UWE Bristol graduate