Jenny Garrett OBE – 18 October 2023

Jenny Garrett, renowned TEDx speaker, joins us to talk about her work on race equality, anti racism and owning your cultural capitals and identity.

About Jenny Garrett

A renowned TEDx speaker, award-winning coach, leadership trainer, and two-time author, Jenny’s work has reached an astounding 122 million people worldwide. With her advocacy for fairer landscapes, Jenny has championed cultural capital and provided government advisory to move social mobility forward for positive change. Some of her noteworthy achievements include: writing remarkable thought leadership pieces for global media giant, Forbes, being awarded an OBE for her tireless services to Entrepreneurship and Women in Business, and supporting over 2,500 disadvantaged teenagers through her social enterprise, Rocking Ur Teens CIC.

Having grown up in social housing with her mother, Jenny learned how to succeed in the business world without guidance. In her first book, Rocking Your Role: The 'How To' Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners, she shares the barriers faced on her breadwinning journey, and equips women with life-changing tools, steps and solutions to overcome them. Recognised for her extraordinary commitment and contribution to the inclusion and leadership space, Jenny’s knowledge has been highly sought after by the BBC, LBC, Stylist, and more.

With empowerment and fairness at the heart of everything she does, Jenny has dedicated her life to creating equitable environments where differences are valued and celebrated. Her pioneering works have spanned across Australia, Botswana, Mexico, Spain, the US and UK to name a few. Though Jenny isn’t a newcomer to the scene, there have been challenging times she’s had to navigate. Yet, ever since falling in love with unlocking people’s potentials, Jenny has been a profound voice and expert visionary – with many delegates describing her co-created sessions as “the most transformational programme” they have ever attended.

No stranger to Higher Education Jenny facilitated the Advance HE Aurora Adaptive Leadership Day from its inception to 2013-2022. Jenny's clients include FTSE 100 companies, large charities and government. Taking pride in delivering exceptional, captivating experiences for teams and individuals, Jenny constantly inspires change, propels promotions, and strengthens allyship.


Listen to Jenny's talk.

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