What is Equity?

The Equity award-winning programme is aimed at providing personal and professional development opportunities for black, Asian and minority ethnic students.

Equity provides black, Asian and minority ethnic students with opportunities and safe spaces to:

  • explore your leadership identity (leadership and identity coaching) 
  • build confidence and skills to succeed at the University and in your chosen career (workshops and webinars) 
  • access inspiring Black, Asian and ethnic minority role models (webinars and speaker events) 
  • develop social and professional networks (webinars and speaker events) 
  • develop confidence in accessing opportunities and support at university  (workshops)
  • have conversations about race and racism and share your experiences (across all activities).

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Equity speaker events and webinar Series

Watch recordings from our webinars and speaker events.

Sayo - Self-realisation and journey to success

Equity in collaboration with The Students' Union at UWE present Sayo - Self-realisation and journey to success.

Paul Olomolaiye, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Equalities and Civic Engagement, welcomed the inspiring social media influencer Sayo, who gave a powerful talk about her journey thus far, including when she realised her true potential, and how she went about achieving her ambitions.

Woven into the talk, Sayo performed "Kpoetry" - an exaggerated spoken word performance bringing together parts of her Nigerian heritage and British upbringing to the delight of the audience who had joined the online event.

The talk was followed by a Q&A session hosted by Rania Regaieg, Vice President Community and Welfare from The Students’ Union at UWE, when Sayo spoke candidly about techniques that empowered her to overcome any challenges.

Sayo is a writer, poet, presenter, creative, tech founder and award-winning journalist. You can follow her on Instagram, TikTok and X.

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How to network to reach your goals

This webinar was hosted by Bobbi O'Gilvie to help empower students to leverage the power of networking to reach their goals.

The following areas are covered:

  • Different types of networking
  • How to set goals for your networking interactions to get the most out of them
  • How to overcome the "freeze fear" when approaching networking opportunities
  • How to connect rather than transact in networking situations
  • Pitching with purpose.

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How to stay motivated as a black, Asian and minority ethnic person in the world of work

This webinar was delivered by Bobbi O’Gilvie, Founder of Ready to Blog Designs.

She discussed how to stay motivated as a black, Asian and minority ethnic person and overcome challenges to succeed in the world of work

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My whole self: when mental health matters

This workshop was hosted by Vanessa Maria to support your general wellbeing in and outside of your studies. This is a space where you can learn more about managing stress and anxiety, build up your confidence and self-esteem and work towards becoming your best possible self.

We touch on the following:

  • Time management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Sense of self and identity
  • Finding your “what”
  • Reconnecting with your core strengths

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Finding your way - career planning

This workshop was hosted by the UWE Careers team to support your career journey and helping you identify your motivations, values and strengths.

The webinar covers the following topics: 

  • Explain how a career development framework can help you make sense of your career planning
  • Know how to research career options
  • Know how to search for placements, graduate employment and postgraduate study
  • Know how to access UWE Careers support

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Celebrating black, Asian, and minority excellence: Equity end-of-programme speaker event

UWE Bristol academic Xavier Baker chaired the panel discuss their journeys to success and their struggle in becoming black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders in their diverse sectors.

They explored what they learnt and developed themselves whilst working towards their end goals amongst the barriers for black, Asian and minority ethnic in comparison of white counterparts. The panel also imparted their knowledge and experience of how to challenge barriers and overcome obstacles.

Introducing our panellists:

  • Xavier Baker, Chair: UWE Bristol Assistant Support Lecturer
  • Dr Mena Fombo: Entrepreneur
  • Precious Onyenekwu Tatah: Former President of The Students' Union at UWE
  • Zahir Nayani: Legal Director, Foot Anstey
  • Raifa Rafiq: Associate Solicitor, Akin Gump

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Equity student video

Opportunities for black, Asian and minority ethnic students

Equity Module

We have an opportunity every year for undergraduate black, Asian and minority ethnic students to join the Equity Module, which is aimed at providing personal and professional development opportunities for students.

Equity module 

  • Join specific events and activities linked to Schools and Colleges in collaboration with Equity.
  • The University offers a range of work-based learning activities which you can opt into such as placements, study abroad, internships, and volunteering. These have a positive impact on your employability and graduate outcomes.

Equity events

View all our Equity events.

Equity mentoring

Mentoring provides you with career support from an industry professional. Equity mentoring is an innovative, positive-action talent programme.

More about mentoring
Equity mentor

More about Equity

Additional opportunities

Why is Equity Black, Asian and minority ethnic focused?

Equity is a positive action programme that's all about providing additional support to help overcome disadvantage and barriers.

Positive action is lawful under the Equality Act 2010 and education providers can offer additional support for underrepresented and disadvantaged groups based on past discrimination. 

In our most recent data from the 2021/22 academic year, the attainment gap between Black, Asian and minority ethnic students and white students is 14.9 percentage points, and the gap between Black students and white students is 32.9 percentage points.

The awarding gap is the percentage point difference in good honours degree. Comparison groups are based on groups used by the Office for Students in the Access and Participation Plan datasets.

The Equity programme aims align with the University's Strategy 2030 to address Black, Asian and minority ethnic students’ attainment gap and increase their sense of belonging and identity within our university community, support students to graduate with Good Honours degree and positive Graduate Outcomes.

Opportunities for all students

Opportunities include:

  • speaker programmes – inspirational keynote addresses from high-profile Black, Asian and minority ethnic speakers
  • college-led events – industry-specific sessions from professionals within the sector, so you can gain insight on how to succeed with your chosen career path and network.
  • signposting to opportunities and support, highlighting the wider support being offered by the University.

"It’s an opportunity to have an internal reflection about who you are, where you come from, and where you see yourself going. And having that discussion with people who have your better interests at heart. I hadn’t had that opportunity before."

Xavier Baker, UWE Bristol graduate

Xavier Baker UWE Bristol graduate

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