Sitting an exam overseas

Before you apply

Please make sure that you’ve read through the criteria for taking exams off campus before you apply.

How to apply

Please complete our off-campus examination request form to sit an exam overseas.

Costs and invoice

There will be local administration costs charged by the British Council that you will need to organise payment for.

The local costs will vary depending on the institution and the country involved, so please contact them directly once you’ve been informed of the location for your exam.

The local charge covers the room hire, invigilation, administration and returning the completed exam papers to us by courier. Due to the varying rates and currencies involved, this is collected locally by the venue and not by us.

Exam location and arrangements

The Exams Team will make all the arrangements, but they may offer you a choice if there is more than one British Council Office available to you.

Once the arrangements have been finalised, the Exams Team will write to you and inform you of the location and give you a contact name and number so that you can register with the local institution and arrange payment of the local fees.

Exam timings

The exam will take place on the same day as the UK sitting, but the time will be different to allow for the local time difference to the UK. You’ll be emailed your overseas timetable once the arrangements have been finalised.

Reasonable adjustments like extra time

If you are allowed any reasonable adjustments, such as extra time, then please inform the Exams Team when you apply so that these can be taken into consideration when making the arrangements overseas.

Cancelling your request

Please contact the relevant British Council Office/Institution to confirm an cancellation costs they may charge.

Exam marking and results

Generally, you’ll sit the same exam paper as the other students on your course but sometimes, when the time difference between your country and the UK is too great, we may have to have a separate paper written especially for your sitting. Your completed answers will be marked and moderated with all the other students’ papers.

Your marks will go to the same Field and Award Boards as your fellow students. Your results publication date will be the same as the rest of your cohort.

Contact us

If your question is not answered by any of the above then please contact the Exams Team on or read through the rest of our exams section.

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