Projects of the Regional History Centre (RHC)

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Current projects

Colston's Last Journey

A work of situated audio art exploring the broader historical issues behind the fall of Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol in 2020.

Intergroup dynamics in the 1831 reform riots

A project that recalibrates the scale, spread, motivation and nature of rioting over a two month period in 1831.

Regional radical press in Britain

A project that seeks to recover the largely unrecorded regional and provincial network of radical news media between 1968 to 1988.

Completed projects

‘A Forgotten Landscape’ project

The project aims to restore the heritage of part of the Lower Severn Vale Levels.

A Knight’s Peril

An interactive, situated and immersive historical adventure as a visitor attraction for Bodiam Castle.

Between the tides

Comparative arts and humanities approaches to living with(in) intertidal landscapes in UK and the Netherlands.

Ghosts in the Garden: REACT Heritage Sandbox

A digital cultures research project bringing together historical interpretation and gameplay in Sydney Gardens, Bath.

Heritage Empath/Of Home and Each Other

An embodied storytelling experience about historical empathy.

Inundation: Drowned and Dammed Lands

Exploring the history and heritage of submerged and threatened landscapes.

Learning Ship

A collaborative project to create a 'learning ship' to take school-age young people onto the Avon and into the Bristol Channel.

Popular protest and resistance in Britain and Ireland

New approaches to the history of popular protest and resistance in Britain and Ireland, 1500-1900.

Romancing the Gibbet

Exploring the impact of public punishment and local memory in the Georgian West Country.

Regional History Centre

The Regional History Centre promotes research into the history of Britain's South Western counties, and to further an understanding of regionalism in the shaping of domestic and international histories.


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