Intergroup dynamics in the 1831 reform riots: Towards a new social-psycho history

A partnership between the RHC, University of Sussex, Bristol Culture and Satsymph.

This three-year research project represents a partnership between the Regional History Centre, the University of Sussex, Bristol Culture and the artist collective, Satsymph and is funded by the Economic and Social research Council at £468,000. It is led by the Regional History Centre.

The project recalibrates the scale, spread, motivation and nature of rioting over a two month period in 1831 after the House of Lords voted to reject Lord Grey’s bill for parliamentary reform in October. Although disturbances impacted a wide geographical area in Britain, our project focusses on case studies in communities reflecting diverse social, economic and cultural variables: Blandford Forum and Sherborne in Dorset, Yeovil and Bath in Somerset, Newport in Gwent and the city/counties of Worcester and Bristol.

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