A Knight's Peril

An audio adventure at Bodiam Castle

Building on the success of Ghosts in the Garden in 2012, the Regional History Centre worked with Splash & Ripple to market the design principles behind it to the commercial heritage sector. In 2013, we were awarded a grant of £100,000 by the National Trust to build an interactive, situated and immersive historical adventure as a visitor attraction for Bodiam Castle in East Sussex.

The resulting piece of work was, like Ghosts in the Garden, driven by a Choose Your Own Adventure game mechanic that challenged visitors to explore every part of the Castle while solving clues and learning about life in a medieval castle from the bottom up.

Instead of the steam punk time radios developed for Ghosts in the Garden, A Knight’s Peril used Echo Horns, a medieval-style device using RFID technology to release situated audio pools from the castle walls. The project was completed and launched in 2015 and the National Trust ran it as its lead visitor attraction at Bodiam for the following 18 months.

See a short film about the project

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