Heritage Empath/Of Home and Each Other

An embodied storytelling experience

Heritage Empath marked the culmination of the Regional History Centre’s work with creative media company, Splash and Ripple, beginning in 2012 with Ghosts in the Garden and then A Knight’s Peril in 2015. The two earlier projects were designed to test the potential for immersive digital media and augmented reality to bring visitors closer to a sense of sympathy with the past at sites of heritage. Empath and its final output, Of Home and Each Other, asked questions about historical empathy as a deeper level of audience engagement.

Heritage Empath was funded as an eighteen month project by the Arts and Humanities Research Council at £158,000. It was led for the Regional History Centre by Professor Steve Poole in partnership with Splash and Ripple.

See a short film about Of Home and Each Other 

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