Meet the members of the Bristol Leadership and Change Centre:


College members

Associate members

  • Dr Hugo Gaggiotti - Professor of Work and Employment Studies
  • Visiting College members

    • Addy Adelaine – Visiting Fellow
    • Precious Chitapi  - Visiting Fellow 
    • Charlene Collison  - Visiting Fellow 
    • Jonathan Gosling  - Visiting Professor
    • Anita Gulati - Visiting Fellow
    • Rob Hay  - Visiting Fellow 
    • Tracie Jolliff - Visiting Professor
    • Amanda Parker - Visiting Fellow
    • Andrew Parker – Visiting Professor
    • Dr Rob Sheffield - Visiting Fellow
    • Leah Tomkins - Visiting Professor
    • Greyling Viljoen – Visiting Fellow
    • Hannah Watts – Visiting Fellow

    PhD students

    Current PhD students

    • Kay Galpin
      Thesis title: Repeat, re-story, reflect: How does story disruption change team sensemaking of organisational change?
      Supervisory team: Professor Carol Jarvis (Director of Studies), Dr Neil Sutherland.
    • Conroy Grizzle
      Thesis title: How do the narratives of the Windrush generation inform the management identities of black and minority ethnic (BAME) UK managers and the way they practice management?
      Supervisory team: Professor Gareth Edwards (Director of Studies), Dr Chloe Tarrabain.
    • Farida Sugungun
      Thesis title: Investigating leadership within the UK construction projects with a digital innovation focus.
      Supervisory team: Professor Gareth Edwards (Director of Studies), Associate Professor Svetlana Cicmil.

    • Collin Salandy
      Thesis title: To donate or not to donate: An alternative business approach towards eradicating homelessness.
      Supervisory team: Professor Richard Bolden (Director of Studies).

    Recent completions

    Our Centre members supervise doctoral research in a range of areas and we welcome further applications for PhD study. To find out more, see postgraduate research study.

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