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Appearance Matters Panel Discussion

Thursday 15 July 2021, 14:30-15:45 BST

This year’s Appearance Matters Panel discussion** focuses on exploring the concept of ob*sity and whether it is possible for body positivity and body neutrality movements to work in synergy with a labelled ‘ob*sity epidemic’. Drawing on expert views from multiple disciplines, the purpose of the panel is to advance conversations around the impact of focusing on weight in relation to health, the continued use of BMI as a health measurement mechanism, and the effect of ob*sity on weight stigma, shame, and bias. The discussion will include topics from a range of related perspectives including public health inequality, stigma, feminism, fat activism, paediatric ob*sity, and individual choice and responsibility. The panel will specifically address the question: 'Is a body confident society possible amidst the ‘ob*sity epidemic?' The panel discussion will take place 14:.30-15.45 BST with allocated question time.

**Please be aware that the special panel event will involve the discussion of weight, weight stigma, weight discrimination, ob*sity, and health. We have adopted the convention of referring to ‘ob*sity’ in written media to acknowledge that this can be considered stigmatising and discriminatory. It is likely that this word will be used by the moderator and the panellists during this event. We intend that the language used in discussing these issues will form part of the conversation. As such, the description of the event provided to conference attendees will come with a ‘content warning’.

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