Specialist one-to-one support

We can provide one-to-one specialist support to help you develop study skills and strategies to become a more independent learner with transferable skills. The support is catered to your individual needs and learning preferences.

You need to provide evidence of your SpLD diagnosis. If you have evidence, please contact the Access and Learning Strategies (ALS) team.

If you don't have evidence, you will need to be diagnosed.

Watch this video for more information about Specific Learning Difficulties (UWE Bristol login required).

"With all these interventions in place my grades have massively improved since my last degree and I’ve been a bit shocked, if I’m honest, at the level I can achieve."

Nicola Burr, Occupational Therapy

Nicola Burr Occupational Therapy

"The thought of having to take notes in lectures, carry out presentations, writing essays, exams and learning lots of new terminology was very daunting.

"I knew why I found things harder than others as I was diagnosed with dyslexia around the age of eight, but had very little support at school so didn't realise the type of support I might be able to get.

"After telling the assessor my worries she explained to me how I was severely dyslexic, and she wasn’t sure how I managed to get through my last degree without support. She also found that I could read a lot better if the text had a very bright yellow background.

"Once I had the evidence I was dyslexic I was advised to apply for Disabled Student Allowances (DSA) which would help fund specialist software for my laptop, possibly help with printing costs, and provide me with one-to-one time with a specialist tutor. I was also told to expect extra time in any exams and, in my case, a reader.

"I now see my study skills tutor most weeks for an hour or two depending on what work I have on. Those first few sessions were about making sure I was organising my notes in the best format I could and that I had a good revision strategy. We then went on to do a lot of work on planning essays."

Book an SpLD screening

If you've never been assessed for an SpLD but sometimes struggle with academic work, this free screening can potentially identify support.

Book an SpLD screening

Book a diagnostic assessment for SpLD

If you think that you have an Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), support may be available to help you with studying.

Book a diagnostic assessment

Signs of autism appointment

If you have never been assessed for autism and think you may have signs, you can make an appointment with us. This is an opportunity to talk about possible signs of autism and the support available for autistic students at UWE Bristol.

Please note that UWE Bristol does not offer multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessments for autism. A UWE Bristol funded autism assessment might provide acceptable evidence for applying for Disabled Students Allowances (DSA), but the NHS might not accept it as a way for you to access their services.

You may find it useful to visit the following websites for more information:

If you would like to book a Signs of Autism appointment with us, please complete our pre-appointment questionnaire. The ALS admin team will then contact you to arrange the appointment.