BoxED personal data

How we use your personal information in relation to BoxEd.

We would like to process your personal data because:

  • it is necessary for us to carry out the public task of widening participation into Higher Education
  • it is necessary for the performance of our tasks carried out for a legitimate interest, such as administering events.

We use Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT) to process and where you have consented to track your educational journey to help us evaluate the success of the event/activity and assist in future planning.

The HEAT Service was initially formed in 2011 to target, monitor and evaluate outreach programmes, and to track students’ progression from school into Higher Education and beyond. HEAT is a non-profit making service; founded, governed and funded by members through equal subscription.

HEAT enables subscribers to track individual students through the outreach process and, subject to appropriate consent, through administrative data sets such as the Department for Education, the Skills Funding Agency and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Data sharing across agencies allows HEAT to provide measures of impact at individual level. By linking participant data to student outcome data, we can explore the relationship between outreach participation and student success.

We use the data collated by the service to inform our forward planning. HEAT data helps us target specific cohorts of participants and deliver activities in the most effective way.

For more details, please see our Enquirer Privacy Notice.

View HEAT's consent animation for more information.