Working in partnership with UWE Bristol

Partnership with us offers schools, colleges and early years settings the opportunity to play a major part in training the next generation of teachers and to access professional development opportunities.

Our aim is to prepare, in partnership with schools, newly qualified teachers who reflect on and learn from their own teaching and from the effective practice of others; who are knowledgeable, adaptable, creative and independent; and who are sensitive and effective in their communication with others.

Our trainees cover the requirements of the Core Content Framework (CCF) and have additional opportunities to ensure that they are ready to meet the needs of the pupils they will go on to teach. Working with trainees also has a positive impact on pupils' learning.

We highly value our long-standing partnerships with over 400 educational settings across the South West and beyond, and welcome opportunities to partner with new educational settings.

A female teacher in front of a whiteboard, teaching maths

Why partner with UWE Bristol?

The School of Education and Childhood has an excellent track record in providing Early Years, Primary and Secondary Initial Teacher Education (ITE), rated Good by Ofsted (March 2022).

Our partners have the opportunity to:

  • contribute their skills and knowledge to the future workforce
  • support school and staff development through engaging with initial teacher education and accessing additional training
  • working with trainees as part of the staff team
  • demonstrate engagement with academic and professional development
  • be involved in wider university initiatives and projects to support learners, families and staff
  • gain payment to allow mentors the opportunity to coach and mentor the trainees and engage in their own professional development
  • access support from UWE tutors to ensure that trainees are able to support their schools in meeting pupils' needs.

We work closely with School Direct partnerships to make school-led provision alongside our core ITE programme offer.

"We have a great relationship with UWE Bristol and enjoy supporting trainee teachers. The trainees always arrive well prepared and enthusiastic. I have been really impressed with their preparation and communication ahead of the placement as well as their understanding and flexibility as schools are certainly not the same places, they were pre-pandemic!"

Louisa Munton, Headteacher at Shirehampton Primary School

Louisa Munton Headteacher at Shirehampton Primary School

Placement offers

Plan your placement offer for 2023-24 and submit to our Placement Communication Portal (PCP).

Placement offers
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Be a new partner

If you are interested in working with the University as a new partner, please contact us at with your name and email. We will get back to you with further details.

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