BoxED is a unique collection of free, exciting, engaging and hands-on learning activities brought direct to your classroom. All are curriculum linked and designed in collaboration with our Academic and Education Advisors at UWE Bristol. BoxED sessions can also help towards your careers provision and meeting the Gatsby Benchmark of good career guidance, by linking curriculum learning to careers (4) and providing encounters with further and higher education (7). 

You may notice this is a much smaller range of activities, but we are unable to deliver those which require lots of equipment at this time. Normal delivery will resume as soon as we are able.

BoxED activities

At the moment we are able to offer:

Remote online delivery with the BoxED Team

Self-service online BoxED activities 

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Remote online delivery with the BoxED Team

About remote online delivery with the BoxED Team

  • You can expect your online session to be delivered remotely via Teams (or suitable alternative) to be delivered by trained UWE Bristol staff and current UWE Bristol students who will work to get your students thinking about their classroom learning in a real-life situation, connecting with learning and research at UWE Bristol.
  • We will adapt the activity to fit with your school or college timetable and set up (where possible).
  • The study suggestions relating to each activity are provided for students at the end of each session as we are aiming inspire your students to imagine the possibilities of university study and potential career paths. 
  • Each activity has been reviewed to make sure that it is following current guidelines to make sure that it is safely delivered. A remote delivery risk assessment to be available.
  • Feedback and evaluation is requested at the end of each activity.  There is a section where we ask for students’ permission to use their details to support tracking and monitoring but our full Privacy Notice is provided and consent is not required to participate.  

Editor for an Hour (Key stage 4)

Pupils are given six recently published news stories to work on; they need to determine which will get the most 'space' and what the headlines will be in relation to their news outlet. Working in groups they will need to discuss the value and magnitude of the stories, their audience, their competition and the different elements of reporting a story: sound, image, interviews, and graphics.

Suggested for English or Media.

Running time: 60 mins. 

Leadership in Business (Key stage 4/5)

Students work in small groups to 'design and manufacture' paper planes for sale to the Royal Air Force (RAF). Students work as a team to set the strategy, manage the operations of the production and deal with organisational change, whilst they compete with other teams within a specific period. The activity aims to help students understand key issues in business and team dynamics, whilst encouraging them to apply, in practice, their creativity and enterprising skills.

Suggested for anyone interested in Business.

Running time: 60 mins. 

Storm Chasers (Key stage 4)

Using mathematical models based on the real work of meteorologists, pupils will predict how severely a storm will hit the UK. Pupils will work in teams to get their weather warning out quickly but accurately. They will then reflect on how their predictions may have been affected by any modelling assumptions.

Suggested for Maths and Geography.

Running time: 60 mins

Accountancy (Key stage 4/5)

Students will prepare a simple financial plan for the first week of trading of a new coffee shop, with a limited budget and limited product choices. They must make strategic decisions considering both financial and non-financial business factors and prepare simple income statements to identify profit projections. The game can be made more complex by adding different product sales and hazard cards to disrupt their business and impact their profits. Students will apply skills in financial decision making, business strategy and making presentations.

Suggested for numerate subjects.

Running time: 120 mins.

Brain Storming Solutions (Key stage 5)

Students, taking on the role of team entrepreneurs, will be led through a training session modelled on Ian Cunningham’s Learning Contract to create self-managed learning and generate business knowledge and success.

The training session is based on ‘learning by doing’ and will explore methods and benefits of open dialogue. For the main activity, the groups will explore problem solving and ideation using a model to improve working habits, communication, participation, engagement and goal setting. The session follows the same format of that of a university first year lesson displaying how the team entrepreneur programme is run at higher education level.

Suggested for anyone interested in Business or working in Teams.

Running time: 60 mins.

Street Art Maths - Enlargement (Key stage 3)

The activity looks at different skills and techniques to show how street artists rely on maths. Utilising Banksy and other street artists' work, students use enlargement to scale a mural giving pupils an insight into the applications of maths in graphic design and art.

Suggested for Maths and Art.

Running time: 60 mins.

Angela Carter (Key Stage 5)

Coming soon – a new activity called ‘Angela Carter – Image and Word’. Whilst we are waiting for this activity to become available, join author Dr Stephen Hunt (Angela Carter's Provincial Bohemia) on a virtual tour of Angela Carter’s 1960s Bristol, followed by Q&A with Professor Marie Mulvey-Roberts and Dr Charlotte Crofts (co-founders of the Angela Carter Society). You can download the map (PDF) for this tour and explore the route yourself.

Self-service online BoxED activities

About self-service online BoxED activities

  • Self-service online activities can be used anytime and at your own convenience. Activities are all curriculum linked and so are supporting your studies.
  • Feedback and evaluation is requested at the end of each activity.  There is a section where we ask for students’ permission to use their details to support tracking and monitoring but our full Privacy Notice is provided and consent is not required to participate. 

We will have more activities available soon, so please check back.

A Mathematical Model of a Zombie Apocalypse (Year 12)

Suppose there was a Zombie outbreak? How confident would you be to predict what would happen? Students can use this activity to independently work through the maths behind infectious disease modelling. It includes a mini lecture and a series of tasks with guided solutions.

A Mathematical Model of a Zombie Apocalypse

Careers support for Years 10-11

The activities in this session will help you to reflect on your options, build a fuller picture of what Higher Education is and help you start researching and planning for your future.

Careers support for Years 10-11

Geoscience (KS5)

Are you interested in how Earthquakes form and how Geoscientists interpret data about them? Looking at the 1964 Alaskan Earthquake as an example you will gather your own data from the USGS (United States Geological Survey) earthquake tracker to do your own piece of analysis. 


Maths in the Built Environment (KS4 and some at KS3)

Four fun and interactive activities covering how trigonometry, units of measure, geometry and ratio are used in applied settings.

Relevant for Key Stage 4 (and some at Key Stage 3)

Building Surveyors use Trigonometry
Architects use Geometry
Architectural Engineers use Surface Area, Volume and Ratio
Quantity Surveyors use Units of Measure

Radiotherapy (KS5 or anyone interested in Health Care Professions)

An interactive session encouraging young people to consider why radiotherapy is a hugely important field of work. The activity introduces the skills required and what the work involves with short videos from a UWE Bristol Radiotherapy lecturer, interactive activities and a guide for how to find out more.

Relevant for Key Stage 5 or anyone interested in Health Care Professions.


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