Community Liaison

Linking with communities

With around 30,000 students living, studying, working and travelling in and around our campuses, community liaison is high on our agenda.

Find out how we are strengthening links with our local communities and who to contact if you want to get in touch.

Group of students sitting on the waterfront in Bristol.
Student sketching on the harbourside in Bristol.

Contacts and support

Who to contact if you need advice or support.

Group of students working together

Community Together Fund

The fund is run by the Community Liaison Team and offers grants of up to £250 for projects linking students, local residents, community organisations and local agencies.

Bristol city centre shot from the top of a hill.

Community news

See the latest community news.

Activities and campaigns

Our partners

We have started a Student Community Partnership with The Students' Union at UWE, the Bristol City Council's Safer Bristol and the police. The group will promote the huge benefits students bring to Bristol, and also address any issues raised by residents and community groups.

Supporting community integration

UWE Bristol is committed to ensuring students integrate well into the local community. We provide helpful advice and guidance to students to raise awareness of their responsibilities towards other members of the community, whether they are in UWE Bristol managed accommodation or private accommodation.

Bristol Student Community Partnership

The Bristol Student Community Partnership has been established to increase community confidence by bringing together partners and provide a co-ordinated approach to promote student/community relations and cohesion, in the context of the positive contribution of both universities in Bristol. It is run by Bristol City Council, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.

Other activities

Our other activities include:

  • introduction of the Stoke Park parking restrictions scheme
  • promotion of the UWE Bristol Sport facilities among the local community
  • talks by the campus police officer on student safety and security
  • providing information to students about private rented accommodation, eg what to look for, tenancy agreements and responsibilities
  • annual waste campaign to target student waste left at the end of the academic year in partnership with Bristol University and Bristol City Council. For information visit the Facebook page
  • other activities that are funded by the Community Together Fund.

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