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Develop your skills in mathematics, statistics or numeracy with online tutorials, advice sheets, and one-to-one support.

One-to-one support on Frenchay Campus

espressoMaths (eM)

espressoMaths started in September 2008 and is run, and funded, by the College of Arts, Technology and Environment (CATE) Mathematics and Statistics subject area for all members of the University community. If you need help with a particular mathematical or statistical problem, then just pop along to espressoMaths and have a chat with the staff member on duty, who will be able to provide you with free, user-friendly advice. Please note that the expected interaction time is about ten minutes.

Statistical data analyses

If your query relates to statistical data analyses, to make the most of your session please follow the pre-visit guidance. 

espressoMaths pre-visit guidance (PDF)

espressoMaths TB2 schedule

The TB2 schedule, running from 8 February to 28 March 2024 and from 16 April to 3 May 2024, is as follows:

  • Tuesday 10:00-12:00, Mathematics, Z Block Entrance
  • Tuesday 10:00-12:00, Statistics, Room 2X203
  • Thursday 10:00-12:00, Mathematics, OneZone
  • Friday 10:00-11:00, Mathematics, OneZone
  • Friday 11:00-12:00, Statistics, OneZone. 

Help us continue to improve espressoMaths

Please fill in our questionnaire after each visit to the drop-by station.




  • Drug Dosage Calculations: A guide from the School of Nursing at the University of Nottingham.
  • Khan Academy: Videos and interactive tests to help you progress from pre-university maths to advanced levels.
  • MathDoctorBob: A large collection of short videos on a variety of mathematics topics from basic to advanced.
  • mathcentre: Teach-yourself booklets, online exercises and revision booklets to help level 0 and 1 students with pre-university mathematics.
  • mathtutor: Guides and tutorials on basic arithmetic.
  • Maths E.G.: A collection of maths questions spanning topics from GCSE to undergraduate level 2.
  • Numeracy skills: Introductory tutorials on numeracy skills. Written for UWE Bristol HLS students, but applicable to all.

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