Reference requests

We provide academic references and verification of student achievements.

You can request a reference by:

  • emailing an Information Point directly
  • completing the online consent form (current students only)
  • completing a declaration of consent including the student's signature, either by email attachment or posted to an Information Point.
  • Explicit consent is required from the student for all reference requests.


    Verification letters can take between five to ten working days.

    Academic references can take up to 28 working days.

    Debt notice

    We will not be able to provide any documentation to the student or to a third party if the student is in debt to the University.

    Academic verification

    An academic verification is a confirmation letter (or email) from the University confirming the dates of attendance and award achieved for a student.

Academic verification

This guidance applies if you are a current student or have graduated from the University within the last 42 days.

There are three forms of verification available:

Where the above information is not sufficient, refer to the Academic status letters for information about other kinds of letters that are available.

Academic references

You should email the relevant academic directly to request the reference. For past students, it is good practice to include some details of your time at the University to remind them of who you are.

For nursing and education students, references are provided by your personal tutor. Where the tutor is not known, these should be requested by emailing for nursing and for education.

If you do not receive a response within two weeks of your initial request, you should first contact the tutor again. If no response is received, you can use the UWE Bristol courses database to find the current programme leader and ask for assistance.

If you still do not receive a response, please contact an Information Point who will be able to provide you with a verification letter in lieu of a reference.

Next steps

Your tutor will provide a reference to the employer/company concerned. They will let you know that this has been done.

Requesting a copy of your reference

The tutor may be happy for you to have a copy of your reference, however, this is down to their discretion.

Obtaining an academic reference

Current students

Your tutor (or Academic Personal Tutor if applicable) should provide the reference. You should contact them direct by email (all current staff can be found via the UWE Bristol Telephone Directory.

If you do not know who your personal tutor is, you should contact the programme leader, or speak to a Student Support Adviser.

Previous students (graduated within five years)

In the first instance, students should contact their personal tutor as above.

If you are unable to locate the academic from whom you wish to request a reference, please complete our online enquiry form.

Previous students (graduated more than five years ago)

UWE Bristol cannot provide academic references for students who graduated more than five years ago. However, we are able to provide you with a verification letter. Find out more about other types of certificates.


Employers should ensure that the student contacts their tutor directly using the 'Information for students' guidance, otherwise it is standard practice to provide a verification letter or email to employers as detailed under 'Academic verification'.

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