Guidelines and regulations

View an overview of postgraduate research procedures and guidance for research students and staff involved in supervision or examination of research students.

Overview of postgraduate research procedures

  • Postgraduate (PG) Researchers must register at the beginning of their studies and each year thereafter.
  • Within three months (full-time) or six months (part-time) of the start date, PG Researchers must register their project using form RD1 (Doc) and submit it to the Graduate School for the approval of the Faculty Research Degrees Committee (FRDC). 
  • All PG Researchers must pass a progression examination, which includes a written report and viva.
  • Each year PG Researchers must complete a review of progress. Should progress be shown to be satisfactory, registration on the next stage of the award will be authorised.
  • Final examination arrangements and final thesis title must be submitted three months before the viva using forms EX1 (Doc) and EXCV (Doc)

Faculty Research Degrees Committee

The Faculty Research Degrees Committee (FRDC) is responsible for approving changes to registration (eg suspension requests), progression examination and progress review outcomes and for making formal recommendations to UWE's Research Degrees Award Board (RDAB).

Any forms for approval at the FRDC must be submitted two weeks before the next meeting.

Conduct of research degees

The UWE Bristol Academic Regulations and Procedures (Section K) governs the conduct of research degrees. 

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