Research degree forms

Research degree forms for postgraduate researchers at the UWE Bristol Doctoral Academy.

Confirmation of project (CP1)

You will need to access and complete the form relevant to  your deadline from the list below. Please read the guidance notes when you complete the form or if you are unsure of your deadline. Each time you revise the form, you will need to press`submit’ to save your answers. You will be able to access and continue to revise the form until the deadline stated.

You are advised to read the CP1 guidance notes (DOC) before you start to complete your CP1. You may also find it helpful to complete your draft CP1 with your supervisory team using the PGR confirmation of project form (DOC) before submitting the online version. 

CP1 deadline of:

Progression exam

Progress review stages 2, 3 and 4

Personal circumstances

Other changes to registration

Final examination arrangements

Accredited learning

Other forms

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