Research in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management

We are committed to providing a stimulating learning environment for students by underpinning their teaching with personal research. Our research activity focuses on strategically important and timely environmental, resource, transport and societal issues.

Reflecting its global prominence, the Department hosts the International Water Security Network. Staff across the Department also contribute to the Centre for Architecture and Build Environment Research.

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Department research areas

Environment, Sustainability and Resource Management

  • Impact of floods and drought on communities 
  • Water and resource security
  • Air quality and carbon management 
  • Fluvial geomorphology and catchment management
  • Quaternary environmental change
  • Biogeography and conservation
  • Environmental applications of remote sensing and GIS
  • Nature-based solutions and green infrastructure

Societies, Cultures and Communities

  • Sacred and secular mobilities
  • Retirement, migration and social capital
  • Urban and rural planning and regeneration
  • Gendered spaces and gendered knowledge
  • Sustainable and responsible tourism

Sustainable Mobilities and Transport

  • Sustainable transport policy
  • Promoting inclusive, low carbon, active travel
  • Interactions between people and autonomous
  • Mobility and ageing

DRY project

Droughts and water shortage pose a significant threat to the environment, agriculture, infrastructure, society and culture in the UK, affecting the lives of all of us. The purpose of this project is to develop an innovative, evidence-based resource, which can be used for decision-making in drought risk management.

Learn more about DRY including information on the project team and the case study catchment areas.

Making research links

Research is often undertaken with external agencies to ensure that it is relevant to local communities and industries. Work has been undertaken, for example, with the Environment Agency, Consumer Council for Water, UK Water Companies, Severn Estuary Research Group and Charity Retain Association and DEMOS. 

The Department, in line with the University’s vision for ‘research with impact’, is committed to examining real world problems that affect people in order to inform sustainable livelihoods and practices.