Dr Henrietta Sherwin

Visiting Research Fellow profile, Centre for Transport and Society (CTS).

My most recent research has been around the promotion of cycling and an investigation into the extent to which social influence played a part in the decision of ‘new cyclists’ to take up cycling. I joined the Centre for Transport and Society as a Research Associate in November 2005 to conduct an evaluation of the Southville Home Zone commissioned by Bristol City Council. Through a collaboration with First Great Western trains I was able to complete a PhD in early 2010 which examined bike-rail integration as one sustainable transport solution to reduce car dependence. Since then I have undertaken a variety of research projects including being a member of the evaluation team investigating the efficacy of the Department for Transport’s investments to promote cycling in 12 towns and cities across the UK.

My interest in transport and transport planning grew from campaigning as a local, regional and national volunteer for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). I am currently a member of the national policy committee and vice chair and transport policy coordinator for CPRE in the South West. I am also a member of the Bath Transport Commission. I am interested in looking at transport issues within their wider social, economic and cultural context which is informed by my previous broad professional background in the media and public sectors in the UK and USA.

Areas of expertise

  • Behaviour change particularly in relation to promoting cycling
  • Social influence
  • Wayfinding with a particular interest in walking and cycle mapping
  • Action research
  • Integration of land use and transport planning
  • Integration of the transport system as whole, particularly bike and rail integration