Research themes within the Centre for Transport and Society (CTS)

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Research by the Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) seeks to influence policy across transport and related sectors. It addresses a range of transport modes, including walking, from a societal perspective, and cover both personal mobility and freight mobility. Most CTS studies have relevance for the key challenge of climate change and all consider issues of social inclusion.

The research designs of CTS projects feature reviews, novel investigations, experiments, and evaluation studies. A wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods are drawn upon, often in combination, including surveys, interviews, discourse and historical analysis, focus groups, ethnography and visual methods, analysis of novel and existing datasets, modelling and simulation.

Governance and equity

The creation and delivery of transport policies, and innovations in citizen participation to promote fairer, more sustainable outcomes.

Transport planning and placemaking

The appraisal, planning and design of local transport services and infrastructures to enhance the accessibility and liveability of places.

Technological change

The social and political context of technological innovation and the changes in mobility practices and transport system performance that arise.

Travel behaviour and the mobility experience

Understanding factors shaping daily travel choices and experience and distribution of wellbeing effects, with a view to influencing future behaviour.

Centre for Transport and Society

Improve and promote understanding of the inherent links between lifestyles and personal travel.


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