About the Computer Science Research Centre (CSRC)

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The Computer Science Research Centre (CSRC) is based in UWE Bristol's Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies and its research activities cover many of the facets of 21st century computer science, from artificial intelligence to graphene sensors for IoT applications.

Find out more about some of our current projects below:

Current projects

CURE (EU Horizon 2020, 2020-2022)

The CURE (Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe) project aims to make effective use of the Copernicus satellite constellation data. A team of ten international partners will develop new services for urban resilience, including climate change adaptation/mitigation, energy and economy, as well as healthy cities and social environments in various EU cities. This project is a collaboration with the Faculty’s Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments.

For further information, contact Dr Zaheer Khan.

EVO-NANO (EU FET Open, 2018-2022)

The EVO-NANO project will create an integrated platform for the artificial evolution and validation of novel strategies for treatment of cancer using nanoparticles (NPs). The aim is to provide a full pipeline for the development of effective NP-based therapies that are safe, have optimal bio-distribution and delivery characteristics and can be personalised to specific patients and health risks. This project is a collaboration with the Department’s Unconventional Computing Laboratory.

For further information, contact Professor Larry Bull.

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