Research themes within the Computer Science Research Centre (CSRC)

Artificial intelligence

This theme carries out theoretical and applied research in a number of areas, including optimisation, machine learning, and human-interactive adaptive systems. We have a strong emphasis on biology-inspired techniques such as evolutionary computation, memetic and self-learning systems, and reinforcement learning. Recent examples of how our research has been applied include patient and customer modelling, software design, and green energy system design.


Cyber security

The theme considers both cyber and digital security, with particular focus on app security, context-aware systems, and small devices including but not limited to embedded control systems, IoT applications, sensor networks, etc. We work with the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit and have applied our research in the aerospace and military sectors.


Data science

This theme covers a range of topics, including big data architecture, data integration and record linkage, data analytics, graph mining and network analysis, information extraction and text analysis, knowledge management, data governance, recommender systems and machine learning. Our research has, in particular, focused on health, social and business data science applications.


Physical computing

This theme designs and builds computational design tools and methods that integrate engineering materials with computing. We explore how computing technologies can become familiar and accessible beyond the engineering lab. We investigate how these combinations can broaden creative possibilities for designers and makers alike. Working with a broad spectrum of communities, we approach design and making as a way of thinking and learning. Our work is presented through the intersection of the Arts and Sciences, seen through the lenses of Design, Human-Computer Interaction, and Learning through the process of exploring.


Smart cities

This theme covers various facets of the system development life cycle for smart cities. This includes stakeholder engagement and requirements management, city data governance and analytics, security and privacy, smart city applications development using distributed technologies eg Cloud, Edge, Blockchain, sensor nets, piloting and application evaluation. Our main areas of interest include but are not limited to citizen participation in urban governance; policy modeling; social network analysis and behavioural analysis. Recent examples of our work are on ICT-enabled participatory governance and behavioural analysis, making effective use of city open data, and use of Blockchain in city applications.


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