Health and wellbeing

We’re living longer. But are we living better? Can we harness the potential of genomics, artificial intelligence or the insights of behavioural science? From novel diagnostics to appearance research, coping with dementia to boosting self-esteem, we’re tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow, transforming health and wellbeing futures for all.

Our research strengths include:

  • bio-sciences, life sciences, health technologies
  • wellness, wellbeing, mental health
  • healthy ageing, long-term conditions.
Abstract image of scientists working with microscopes
Illustration of the thought processes in the brain.

Alzheimer’s disease

Our researchers are working to resolve the challenge of understanding the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, in an ever-increasing ageing population, with the hope of identifying earlier interventions for the disease.

Older person pressing on a button on a screen.

Assistive robotics

We are leading the way in the design of assistive robots, understanding how people and robots can interact intuitively, safely and effectively; and designing and testing robots that will be acceptable and enjoyable to use.

A mosquito drawing blood from human skin.

Grassroots collaboration beats malaria

Healthcare testing and treatment in some of the world’s malaria hotspots has been significantly improved thanks to participatory interventions designed by UWE Bristol.

People sat around a dinner table smiling.

Developing better oral care applications

Our collaborations with global healthcare and tech leaders are helping to improve treatment outcomes for oral care, thanks to improved and novel products.

Little boy with a craniofacial condition

Caring for craniofacial conditions

The support available for people across the world born with cleft lip or palate has been vastly improved by the work of UWE Bristol researchers.

Asian people using a tablet computer


Researchers at UWE Bristol have created an online toolkit that will improve dementia service provision for people from South Asian communities.

The EU and UK flags on the Gibraltar rock.

Navigating Brexit

Studies carried out by UWE Bristol have helped promote and strengthen the position of Britain’s Overseas Territories in the aftermath of Brexit.

An elderly woman with osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis management

Thousands of people across the world are benefiting from a self-management intervention for hip, knee and back pain developed by UWE Bristol, reducing healthcare costs in the process.

Statue of Lady Justice in a library.

Protecting liberty: Evidence of failures prompts change in the law

People subjected to pre-trial detention in courts across England and Wales now stand a better chance of a fair hearing thanks to research by UWE Bristol.

Group of people sat around a table discussing a document at a meeting.

Re-integrating people who committed a sexual offence

Improving society’s attitudes and involving communities in rehabilitation programmes is key to preventing repeat sexual offences, say UWE Bristol researchers.

Equipment used in research by Professor David McCalley.

Safer drugs

UWE Bristol scientists' pioneering work has improved hospital treatments for potentially fatal conditions such as tuberculosis and sepsis.

Group of children looking happy

Body image

Our researchers have been working with Unilever on the Dove Self-Esteem Project global education programs, addressing the psychological, social, cultural and resource-based challenges to improving self-esteem and body image among young people.


A germ that can speed up leukaemia treatment

Our researchers have harnessed the glow-in-the-dark properties of bacteria to help some leukaemia treatment sufferers.

Labour productivity

Improving labour productivity

Insights from research at UWE Bristol have informed ambitious policies that are fuelling regional economic growth.


Collaborative culture in construction

A team from UWE Bristol produced a ground-breaking toolkit to reduce costs and improve performance.

Improving people management

Helping managers improve operational performance

Research at UWE Bristol has highlighted the importance of front-line managers in their role as people managers, benefitting leading organisations.

Minimum wage

Influencing the minimum wage

Research conducted by the Bristol Business School has been used to shape the setting of and compliance to the minimum wage.

Biofilm model systems

Biofilm model systems

A system developed at UWE Bristol to measure the growth rate of microbes has been adopted by companies for healthcare products.

Careful talk saves lives

Careful talk saves lives

UWE Bristol research has led to improved teamwork between healthcare professionals during hospital emergencies.

Human trafficking policy

Changing policy on human tafficking

Research at UWE Bristol has influenced policy on human trafficking and improved the human rights of exploited migrants.

Children's communication

Helping children with impaired communication skills

The findings from UWE Bristol research into children's communication have directly influenced major policy reports and have improved therapy practice.

Sensing our health

Sensing our health

UWE Bristol researchers are developing cutting-edge technology called ‘magnetic-biosensors’ to accurately detect biological molecules.

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